Character of a People

I used to think my character left much to be desired, but I now understand this is just the other way around.

How can you expect an individual to have great character when the whole damn system is corrupt as hell? What good does it do for an individual/any person to do good things when the system rejects him or her for doing them? What good are my job skills when jobs are progressively going to people other than people like me?

What happened to “your word is your bond”? Whatever happened to deals being closed based upon on a firm handshake? How do I go to church claiming one thing and leave doing just the opposite? What does that say about hypocrites?

The real question is what new methods are we using to attest to my commitment to keep my words and are they working?

You say don’t judge a man, but why do you judge me? This country was built based upon violence and abuse. So, why do you demand I, a man of good character, learn and practice these new character traits? What good does it do me to have a great credit score when the whole damn country is well over its head in debt? How do you operate in a society that says one thing and does another?

Can I neglect my responsibilities yet hope everything works out alright? Because White folk say it, does that make it true? Then, why do you keep listening to them? Have they ever told the truth?

What does it say about a man who’s whole like is based upon his or hers ability to make a dollar?

Good character is the ability of a man to keep his word. Do I even care enough to know the difference? Really, all I want is to be good.\

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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