The Knowledge is Available?

Lost in the character of a people.

Reporting from the student Center, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana, 5/14/2013

The knowledge is out there and you can use it if you want,,,is that true? Can you afford to take that chance?

I was chatting with a nice lady and she said “the knowledge is out there and it’s up to you how you utilize it”.

I say, if that is true why are we so oppressed? Why are we paying more for less? Why we finally have a different kind of President, yet we treat him worse? Why is crime, corruption, cronyism  escalating? Why are our institutions of higher learning suffer more than ever?

Yes, the knowledge is out there for you to use, but is it applied, can you apply it? Well, if you can, then why don’t we treat each other better?  Why is the number of people you can depend on is dwindling while the number on which you cannot depend is escalating? Why don’t we love and respect our “different kind of President”?

She further said her family was good, implying that having three black males who never been to jail is a feat. Said that people do not love and respect each other, their parents, therefore they do not love and respect themselves.

So, if all this knowledge is out there, then why don’t we use it? What good is knowledge when you do not apply it? What does having a degree mean today?

Can you apply the knowledge available to you? No you cannot and that is because our society will not allow. If they did allow then we wouldn’t have all these internal justice problems – cronyism and corruption?

How do you apply all this knowledge in a society overwhelmed with cronyism and corruption? You must take a chance on losing everything they’re dangling in your face further creating more chaos and confusion and the majority of us are not willing to chance losing what we have. What does that say about the character of a people?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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