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What  did they do to deserve...?

What lesson(s) to be learned? Were there any signs of negligence? Why that particular church and did the shooter act alone? What actually, what single moment told him to start shooting? Why not earlier or later?

Sometimes your mourning can start prematurely. Sometimes you act before knowing all the information. You didn't give yourself time to even embrace the fullness of what happened, all because of what somebody else said.

You can act like you're taken by surprise, you're shocked, in great disbelief over something that happens everyday. In America, in particular in America, it has been "open season", alright to shoot to death, and nothing or nothing much can be done about it. Is that why we're raising so much hell over the Charleston incident. is that why it's has such a high profile?

How many years, centuries, decades and it doesn't matter at what level you are, how law abiding, church going... Mega Evers, MLK, Marcus Garvey, my daddy, your mama, our children, Jesus Christ. Another church massacre, another school massacre and in each case you're expected to forgive the shooter.  The problem is, "We keep responding the same old subservient way". 

It has nothing to do with color, both sides well, they can't be right and if they were there would be significant progress made in this area. Today, What would happen if a German killed a Jew?

There are no surprises in this shit, just people who refuse to act responsibly. There are going to be misfortunes, hardships, murders, crimes, liars and cheaters, but do we accept that?

How are you going to punish a man for doing what you accept on a daily basis? Why doesn't this guy already know his fate, our response to anyone who commit heinous crimes like this? Why do you think he didn't commit suicide along with the people he killed because he already knew? Don't you think the shooter was trying to get a reaction? Are you giving him the desired reaction?

Why do you think we have police in schools, movie theaters, churches, stores...? Tell me where is the safe place, for people, especially for people of color? Where is the surprise?

What if this was considered a terrorist attack, a 911...? Nothing has changed and nothing will until you first change. I can bet you more than 10 Black Americans will be jailed on any given night, for something they ought to be excused, forgiven, a second chance... If any people deserve any of these, it ain't who you think. On whom can you depend?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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