Spirit, Mind, Faith, Humility

The end of business as usual?

Are you treading on new ground? "Trying" to find a way out of no way, these four words came to me. The person from which they came seem to have a lot of character, great health and wealth, so I wanted to share them with you.

Too often we're mired down in bullshit, all the bullshit we've created, all the blocks we put in the way of achieving what we "need" to achieve. It's a sad day when you can't trust a soul and everyone is out for self.

Our picture of being a human being is so cloudy, we have not a clue what human needs are. If we did, our society would be in much better shape and an honesty man wouldn't have to look for work.

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We're too busy trying to find a mate. We're disillusion over the entire process, in that, we want someone for us and not for the task at hand and become selfish. Then, those who have a mate, for all the wrong reasons, are pitted against those who don't but are struggling trying to keep up with what they don't understand.

By the time you reach 50 years of age and haven't found love, you will never know love. In our early years we have screwed up so bad until we become desperate in our golden years. We're vulnerable to anyone who acts like their giving their undivided attention and really what you're doing is trapping each other for comfort. You go into the relationship thinking that person is going fill the void in your life, to only learn this method is only a temporary fix for a deeper rooted problem, and we go through life "acting like". How do you recalculate from "sleeping beauty" or "putting one down for another"? Business as usual, where's the change- oxymoron? More on being miserable and destroying your mate: **DESPARATE WOMEN… - Your-inner-voice.com

Truth: To build better relationships, we must build better people. Though life can be described as an act, it is not an act of fooling yourself.

There are some companies out there doing this. They're priorities are Spirit, Mind, Faith and Humility, all of which has nothing to do with the things we call love, religion, race, education, money, power, position, guns....materialism.  How many times do you need to marry because you like being married? How many names must you have trying to keep up with the Ma and Pa lies? It all has to do with being the best human being one can be and helping others to do the same, married, race, religion, same sex... or not. Some things are a "must" to be a people.

"Spirit: Cherish the spirit. Mind: Create the vision. Faith: Follow your faith. Humility: Serve in humility". --- Han Gill Park

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