Christianity The Dark Side 2

Do you know the truth about Christians, if you knew it would you tell it, could you? Here's why not...

Some of you call me or accuse me of everything negative when I talk about “the low-down dirty work" of America's favorite religion and that is "so called Christianity". You say things like I’m being hypocritical, judging… and it’s not the religion but the people... You are really upset by my exposing the dark side of Christianity. All of this is okay with me and I accept this in order to be a better human being?

Why? At my age, my experience, very few know more about Christianity than me. I’ve spent 23 years defending a country strongly influenced by Christians and the Christian belief and the same Christians could give a shit less. As a matter of fact, confessed Christians treat me more like their enemy than their friend.

Should the Buffalo Soldiers have fought against the indigenous people of this land? What beef did they have against the indigenous people? Then, why did they fight? Why do we glorify someone who fought for the wrong reasons? Why doesn't Nat Turner get as much press? Why do we only recognize one man and all of them are dead? Who's our leader today and why is his name Jesus Christ? It was all about hopes of saving their your own asses from the White Christian man - gaining favor. If I did this for you then you will appreciate me, which never worked.

I like every kind of music BUT RAP and they even got you saying it, how is that? Who gives a shit whether or not you like Rap?

Hell, I don’t like Opera and that other shit that sounds like it, but I can appreciate it. I can appreciate everything known to man, but so called Christians don't, unless it benefits them. Does it take a book for you to know who God is? Does it take teaching you anything, then what did people do before paper and pencil? What shape was the earth before it was said to be flat?

I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything, just telling the truth. No, I am not mad and my only motivation is TRUTH and to have the courage to know it and react to it when I see it! When I see a snake in the grass, I’m going to say something for the safety of all those concerned and I hope you can appreciate this.

What crime have I committed? Why do you feel so threatened by me? Is it me or your own self? What would happen if you were to act/behave as you know truth? There is a such thing as friend and foe and it behooves each of us to know the difference. Know I am not your enemy but your friend, if you choose it to be.

Most of you, so called Christians, have got yourselves in a position where you cannot afford and/or fear telling the truth- shouldn’t be. Others take advantage of this religion to get themselves recognized. What does it mean because you attend church on a regular basis, you are a Bible reader or you can recite more scriptures than anyone else? The bottom line to it all is, since the beginning until today, Christianity has revealed what it is all about and I hope you can see that. Christianity is all about money and power, and using violence and/or abuse to get it, which should not be.

Is there a racial divide or not, why don't White American Christians embrace Black American Christians? Has anything changed, why not? Just like Santa Claus is a lie, so is Jesus Christ and still do is lie, and that is why you can't depend on anyone today, not even yourself.

Christians of today are less loyal to their faith than any other religion and the reason for that is how Christianity was introduced to Americans. Instead of questioning or making sense of the whole thing, we’ve picked up the Bible and now, we’re professed Christians knowing more than anybody else.

You cannot erase yesterday and act as if it never happened! Especially, those gross atrocities must be properly addressed, no matter what Art says. Do you ever ask yourself why Black people catch so much hell today?

When Black Americans stop benefitting so called Christians, so called Christians further distant themselves from Black Americans. Do you have sense enough to realize what's really going on? And believe it or not, Black Americans are doing the same, damn!

The first Christians came to America full with deceit and deception and it has been that way every since. To win this country those same so called Christians committed every gross atrocity known to mankind, including their own women and children. At that time, these atrocities were committed against the indigenous people of this land and to Africans which were brought to America as slave laborers, which is another great sin in itself. Then, no matter how we want things to change, those same Christians of yesterday are in a serious state of denial and still just as influential today – shouldn’t be. Why is that? Which hoodie is more suspicious, the hoodie worn by so called gang members today or the one worn by KKK members yesterday and they still wear today? Where is the sense of remorse?

In response to all these atrocities committed, African-Americans have resigned themselves to the only thing these same so called Christians will allow them to express, and that is assimilation.  The more we do to look like them, the more they make us think we will be accepted.

Just like the lies and broken treaties of yesterday, the same Christians, plus African-Americans have united in telling the same old lies. When will these lies STOP? What do we gain by them when we’re steady going backwards socially and economically? What do we gain when we’re pitted against each other more today than yesterday? We’ve stop listening to ourselves to listen only to corrupt Christians, why? What do you get when you look to this already corrupt system for justice?

I don’t live with those other religions and to my knowledge I’m not their enemy. We have every reason to love each other and it doesn't matter about religion, but why do we chose otherwise?

Confessing is the first step to healing? Don’t hate, appreciate. Why am I always subject to the approval of a white man? Why don’t Blacks approve and validate me? Why can’t you validate yourself? You won’t earn no money will you? Is that earning or are you bought and sold?

Instead of hating anyone, just ask yourself, when, at what point in the history of American have Christians ever told the truth?

All so called Christians have ever done was use and abuse everything with which they've come in contact and the proof is today and we didn't even get to Christian politics. Do we live in a democracy or are we party motivated?

You can believe what you want and that is totally up to you, but remember that doesn't change the TRUTH. The truth doesn't matter what you believe. You can forgive, say you forgot... but none of these have anything to do with confessing. 

This is not "food for thought", this is truth based on my daily experience and I'm just a messenger. Things will not change until you change. For all you very misinformed and misguided so called Christians, if they hate Barack Obama what do you think they will feel about me, why?

African-Americans especially denied? The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.

(((your inner

Joel Osteen Bible Confession

My Revelation 2013

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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