Who is The Church MOnitor

Everything Black Americans do is censored. Guns in church are nothing new to Black Church.

Freedom of and in religion is one of the greatest myths to be dispelled. In contrary, Christianity is just another means of power, control and another reason to pit Black Americans against Black Americans.

Did you know today is not a first of black religious ceremonies and gatherings having to be approved and monitored. They were monitored by "an armed White man"? How could one armed White man stand-up to all them niggers and is it the same today?

People accuse me of religious bashing, but I am just the messenger, who we refuse to believe.

The church monitor was appointed by elite White supremacists and backed by The Supreme Law of the Land, to censor Black American church services. The idea being to ensure nothing was preached or exchanged above what was allowed for slaves or would contradict what was being dictated to uphold  the supreme law of the land.

Essentially a church monitors was a snitch, integrated into the church services of Blacks as an additional means of intimidation and control. At even the slightest threat of resistance or inkling of any perceived violations, these monitors was authorized the use "deadly force" against an unarmed people. 

I can see how some of our more clever niggers were able to take advantage of this church monitoring situation to exercise their own selfish agendas, just like today. Any worthwhile efforts had to go underground, therefore only messages which corrupt could be exchanged.

So, what good is this little tid-bit of information today: If your mind is open, it exposes the corrupted roots of all this Christian Bullshit, which is very complicated, run deep and wide. It tells you if it was not right yesterday, how can it be right today? If the foundation of Christianity was not solid, how can any part of it be credible today?

Today, due to prior indoctrination, no church monitor has to be physically present. That is why we have such a problem with accepting each other as we are, even in church. Today's church monitor is "the police".

Not only are they in our churches but have been added to our schools. This church monitoring situation proves, what was implemented for the good of one can mean death to another.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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