Why will not Black Americans admit we are still in slavery?

So you're tired of hearing this shit and what can you do? But is it still going on>>>

This is a very serious charge with grave repercussions. Just as illegal immigration is alive and well in America, so is slavery. As a matter of fact, illegal immigrants are used to help mask the evil tracks of the American slave trade.

Most Black Americans would like to think they are above being their slaves and would cleverly explain how we are not, but you better keep reading.

White supremacists, the elitists own everything in America; land, resources and people; and that includes "your monkey ass and what you own", if you want to keep enjoying their protection or is that "keep out of jail or being punished". What do they do with it all... exploit it.

Even though you are enslaved and descendants of slavery, you must again and again work for what you have already earned. The justification for all this is: "We work" when we know they do not.

We have got to get past the deception of Black Americans, we've got to get over ourselves. The deception is, Black Americans are doing just fine and free to do whatever we want, as long as we are their slaves. Getting over ourselves, whatever failures we're experiencing is due to our own negligence and that is the only explanation we will accept.

After centuries of slavery, Africans in America are more divided than ever, we cannot and will not agree on "one thing" and there is a good reason for this. We are denied because we are still enslaved and protecting a serious state of denial. If we were to agree on just one little simple thing and that is the main thing, this would be the catalyst for clearer understanding and greater things to come. The best of us will deny this truth to keep receiving their "benefits" and the right to work in their facilities helping to further their cause.

Do you think White American women respect Black Americans as fellow human beings or is it they just don't "respect" outside their race? Is not "slavery of Africans in America" a human rights violation and a HEINOUS CRIME? Hatred, why would such a respectable "women" partner with the people committing such heinous crimes??? They hate rap music but love guns? They hate to see Black Americans free but have no problem seeing us in bondage??? They make an effort to help every other people in need except Black Americans.

What have Black Americans ever done to warrant such crimes of hatred and deception? Struggling like hell, to meet their never ending list of bogus requirements, we are punished for falling short and feel justified in this inhumane treatment.

Our "White Supremacist" counterpart told us we are free and will not accept any other explanations. We have been spoon fed just enough bullshit to keep hope alive and intimidated to keep quiet about any other reparations. That is why America is still plagued by hate crimes. This is another very overt indicator, ain't nothing changed.

Black Americans have bought off on "the disillusion" of the American Dream. Even though we know it is designed to deny us, we have accepted the notion we are slowly making progress.

Admitting we are still in slavery would mean accepting defeat or threatening “all out war” - resurrection. The traditional “house nigger” has more sympathy for his White Supremacist counterpart than he does for himself, therefore he is used as the measuring stick for how much freedom Black Americans need. As long as he is able to make ends meet to hell with the rest of us.

We find it easier to assimilate than to disassociate, yet we disassociate from our own families. Their "dead end jobs" are our number 1 priority, "saving grace" and we are all about "their" money.

We are pitted against each other to discourage any chances of us ever coming together and to impregnate future generations.

The fact that Black Americans must consult his White Supremacist counterpart for human rights is the best indicator Blacks in America are still subordinate, inferior and enslaved. Why would you have to beg your oppressor to treat you like a human being, if you are not his property? Who do they beg, with whom do they consult…?

When Black Americans have a problem they have to go to their White Supremacist counterpart for resolution, so what does this tell you? Why cannot we go to ourselves to police ourselves? Now, you understand how Black Americans are not allowed to police themselves and the family unit is destroyed. Even if we wanted, we have no laws we respect, the laws on the books are created to control us and anything we did have, has long been forbidden. Everything we do is in accordance with standards imposed by our White Supremacist counterpart.

Against all odds, a very few Black Americans have managed to profit and now that they have managed to accumulate a bit of wealth, they distant themselves from fellow Black Americans out of fear. What does this tell you?

Like I said, the enslavement of Africans in America is big business and very lucrative, so much so, even African in America openly and secretly participate, taking advantage of their own people to “make a buck”. Processes have been implemented, for the sole purpose of ensuring we remain their slaves; "mandatory education" is the most popular means of processing. Church Monitor is another.

Outside intimidation, there is "much guilt". People feel guilty for the evils in which they are intimately engaged and refuse to help their own people, yet work for their White supremacist counterpart. Because we deny this all, we are still their slaves and have not been out.

Should Black Americans be pitted against Whites, no; but we ought to be able to speak our minds, (((listen to our inner voice))), without fear of retaliation. We must listen to what they say, but they must not listen to anything we say??? What we say and do are discredited.

Any quests to speed up the process of treating African Americans as fellow human beings or human rights are met with malice.

By our actions, Black Americans enjoy the challenge of our slavery role, as long as one of us is being treated better than the rest of us. One says we are and the other says we ain't and as long as this division prevails, Africans in America will be their slaves and a slave to anybody else they invite.

We are still looking for somebody else to take care of us (slave mentality). "2016, the only thing Black Americans are free to do in America is to 'buy what they are selling' and for doing this, there are a few perks for the niggers spending the most money" - Art Thomas.

"Thank you for sharing this insightful and truthful piece"

(((your inner voice.com)))

Slavery in America

 "Proof the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade still exist in America"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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