What's Coming

How do you know when you are through?

Have been silenced? Are your prayers being heard? Why would you pray to hurt anyone? Did you throw your own life, would you?

Do you really want to know? What good would it do for you to know? Predicting the future when you can't even predict your next breathe? Would you call that, "against all odds"?

Do you really know or do you have blinders on? Well, here it is::: Is your heart big enough for what's to come - the love to come?

Well, if you couldn't handle this go-round, you already know.

My thing is about winning, not whinning, what is, not what might. What drives you, is it the Bible or (((your inner voice)))? Which should it be? Which comes first?

Miss this one and you will be left behind. Adventure keeps you learning. If you're stuck in the mud, your life becomes boring, even unto your own self. Where is your spice in life? Why did President Obama fight so hard to win his presidency?

Be an inspiration to others, a shining light to see all people do well in life, whether you like it or not. Be a magnet so people will be happy to be in your prescence, not for matchmaking but to get the job done. When you help someone do it unconditionally. That is the true love we all need - Build it!

They will be so appreciative you left something positive in their lives. Always positive. Always "Yes You CAn". And it is not too late for YOU to change. Minus those stuck in the mud, Everybody is doing it, even dating sites.

(((your inner voice.com)))

When Helping Starts Harming

Love and tenderness

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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