When Helping Starts Hurting

What do you do when helping starts harming?

Harming, the act of damaging something or someone, changing the unity and wholeness of something. What would drive anyone to that point - NEGATIVITY?

The Messiah Trap, enabling sick "victim talk" by allowing them to go on and on and on. Have you ever asked why you allow it to go on? Doesn't it prevent you from having a life? There is a book wrtten about when helping you starts hurting me, but I'm talking about when helping you starts harming me and all that is around me?

When helping you starts harming me, when I feel all of the life drained out of me, when you start your several-hours of blaming, whining, and even angry outbursts, then it is a sign to move on.

Why would I want to engage in harmful or hurtful behavior with you? Mud slinging, what good would that do me? Would it prove me to be a better or stronger person? Would it prove that I am doing just the opposite of what I want to achieve?

We talk about the conditions of our communities, our country and now we know? Our supposedly “mature adults” are willing to stoop to less than humane levels, in order to vindicate themselves. Is this an example of how entrenched we are with the willie lynch theory?

Our society dictates we should respect our seniors, but what happens when they do not respect themselves, using respect only for their on self-serving ways?

They’re doing what they teach you not to do. Even though it doesn’t make any sense, not worth it; our seniors are willing to risk destroying themselves, us and all for which we have worked just so they might appear the victor and/or save face. Too much hiding behind bible verses.

One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, our seniors believe they have lived their lives, be it good or bad, and based upon today’s proof, it has been bad; now they want to destroy ours. Do you understand why our youth don’t respect them?

The Messiah Trap, we’re doing all the giving and they are doing all the taking, because at their age and health, there ain’t shit they can do. They’ve lived a very troubled life and wants us to be their “wailing post”.

How do you acknowledge the need for spiritual guidance? How does one identify their own needs and desires, and learn to respect themselves and accept love? Even though they know helping each other is the key to survival, they aren’t looking for help, but just wanting to express their victimization over and over; while you do the work.

People Pleasers, Rescuers, Givers, Teachers, Counselors, Protectors, and Crusaders can learn to love themselves and truly help the ones they love. Don’t tear down a fence until you fully understand why it was put up.

Don't talk back, now how does that feel?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!