To What Am I so Committed?

How can you do anything without a commitment? How can I make the best commitment to you?

Are masters really committed to taking good care of their slaves? How do we learn commitment? It’s a big scam and I’m so happy I’ve awakened. If we don't take care of our bodies, our families..., how can we take care of others?

Is commitment a personal thing? Is it to whom or to what? Why do we fail much more than we succeed? What does commitment and failure have in common, what does marriage and divorce have in common? What good does it do to keep a check book when you don't keep other books? Is that why our country is so indebted? Why do these things to yourself?

To what are we all committed? Well, we must understand the bigger picture in order to implement, in harmony, the smaller picture. So, just what do our leaders want from us? To whom are they committed, to what?

Based upon what I’m experiencing the only thing our leaders are concerned about are their own asses and that is exactly what’s happening with the masses.

How do we help the individual, which consist of the masses, get what they need? That is what the whole process of life is all about.

Our women tell us they need commitment, but commitment to what, to whom? What is a commitment to a woman whose ambitions are different than yours? Furthermore, our ancestors built this society using a double standard system, now how do we correct this or was it wrong?

The superior race built everything in their favor and the proof is today. So, to what are we committing? What happened to work, loyalty, patience and persistence... all the things needed to add value, to all parties, for a worthwhile commitment?

Anybody can crawl into a hole and claim it for themselves, just as we’ve done this country, but look at the results.  We're just one of the whole, how can I make the best commitment to you without committing to others?

We came together so everybody can better survive. The seriousness of our relations we take forgranted the word means the same to all of us, but it doesn't. The most honorable commitiments are just as prone to failure, because we fail to understand the greater purpose and plan. Therefore, we're unable to focus on the process required to reach our most honored goals.

Are we committing to domesticating everything or are we committing to living in harmony with nature?

(((your inner

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