Confessing To Others


Confessing is an intergral part of the educational process. It is your side of the communications process. If you start your relationships out confessing, it will not be a problem down the road.

Confessing to God is one thing and very important, but confessing to people can be another but is just as important.

Some are not willing to compromise and that can be good and bad. It can also be difficult to describe your problems to someone; especially when you feel them to be the perpetrator. Either way, you must find the best way to be honest. It is the only way to resolve issues.

Confession personal problems can make you vulnerable to attack or self-conscious. That's why it is so important to start your relationships out that way, building the best foundation you can.

Overcoming differences can tear us apart. Physical appearance alone can not withstand the test of time. In many cases, physical appearance helps to disquise problems that are not so obvious.

If we are going to be good team players and work even better together, we must have the best understanding of each others Strengths and weaknesses.

We need to make and take time to know them. In order to better work with them, the faster we know about them the faster we can we can deal with them. Bad news does not get better with time.

Create an atmosphere conducive to sharing, confessing and expressing perceived problems --joys, sorrows, desires.


BOLDLY!!! "I confess I do not know how to love myself. We veer crazily between vanity and self-loathing. Teach us the right kind of self-love. In the life of each of us, I pray that the strangers we now are may truly become neighbors. Above all, we may grow in faith, hope and love, knowing the greatest of these is LOVE."

(((your inner


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