Confess Confession Confessing

Confess Confession Confessing

Tell your story!

With my authority, take this message to all nations: There is forgiveness for those who confess.

When life or life circumstances become so you cannot handle them. When you feel you have no other option. When you have lost all understanding and knowledge. Is there something bothering you? Do not keep fighting yourself, Confess.

Do you know how many killings, suicides, crimes, hospital visit are due to people excessive stress and snapping?

The first good reason to confess is to save yourself. The second is people can learn from your confessions.

You have the answer, Confession. Now, do you have what it takes to confess?

What makes the USA a number one world power? Each confession is shamelessly to the entire planet, the WHOLE WORLD CAN READ!

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Confessing To Others

A Novena just for you. "One - Our Father, One - Hail Mary and One - Glory Be". - Mother Theresa in 1952

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Confess my brother and sister, confess

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