Consolidation, Unification, Vote No, Vote Yes, but do votes really count?

Why do you think they thought you needed two to make one work? Then, why ain't two working? You can get more done, with less energy with two... One is a lonely number!

For as much shit as I have voted against/for, over the past sixty years, I've not seen any positive results from one election, not one, but just more and more of the same ole corrupt bullshit. The old is bad, the new is better, the new is bad, the old is better... so why does the vicious never ending cycle continue?

If votes really counted, why must you influence the people, under the impression of educating the people? Why would anyone allow anyone else to misinform, mislead, deceive, bring hurt, harm or danger to its own people? Isn't this a crime? Isn't waste, fraud and abuse a crime? Did any of our "wise ideas" help the indigenous people of this land?

Any government who sees its duties as authority to kick people around is no government but an evil terror organization.

Consolidation, Unification, What good does it do to combine two evil, corrupt bodies? Costs never go down, only up with our system of government.

Consolidation, Unification, these words remind me of “integration”. What good is forced/mandatory integration? Why would you need a new law to enforce violations of laws already on the books and why would any government ever create a law, making one people inferior/superior to the next?

If you ain’t doing shit with the two, you certainly ain’t going to do shit with one, no matter how I vote. It is not the law, the plan or vote which causes a government to run efficient and effective, but the people employed to carry them out. If I ain't learned nothing over the past sixty years, you can bet your bottom-dollar, I've learned that.

You can build a good business selling bad coffee as long as you are consistent. Who said that and why?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!