Working Together

Do you need anybody and are family members any indication of what's lacking?

Where are we and how did we come to this? If your children don't respect and appreciate you, then who does?

We all proclaim, “we need somebody” and are forever on a journey to fulfill that need.

The simplest shit can result in the most complicated shit. It can make you say, I rather do it myself. So, how do you avoid all the frustration in your effort to work together? What’s happening when you go seeking professional products and services today? Even to the doctor, the lawyer, the preacher…. It is a game of hurry up and wait.

I understand the mentality of the people with whom I’m working. They’re used to working for someone more than working with someone. Therefore, it is even more frustrating when it comes to doing things, which need to be done, for you.  

We’re raised up in a society that says, “you must work for someone else before you can work for self”. The problem with this is “should it be for anyone whose guiding you wrong”? Wrong is working against those things which mean you good and for those things which benefit you not. What about a job in your chosen field? Why would I make something to be used against me? Why would I sell myself cheap? Why would I sellout my neighbor? Why would I be more interested to make something for you than I am to make something for myself? Why would I be more interested in helping someone who doesn’t want to help themselves?

In doing so you end up with more shit you don’t want, can’t use and neither can they. If you take the English language for example: How can anyone require you to learn something even the creators don’t practice and really could care less? More and more the English language is taking on a new twist (things like texting), which is just the opposite of what was originally taught. It’s a twist those who claim to be proficient in the language can’t understand.

In our relationships all this chaos and confusion distracts from what needs to be done. There’s always a reason to pit one against the other. We end up procrastinating, needlessly waiting. Off track.

These are all our children, for which no one wants to take responsibility, so our efforts have become selfish and in vain.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!