Caught Between the Coral Rock and The Deep Blue Sea

I'm appalled, confused when I see what we call success, when I see what having a job and working produces?

There's Defeat and there is victory, why do you want defeat? Why would you want to defeat anyone, without first defeating self? What is accomplished by defeat?

What kind of place is this? Vizcaya is a great place to visit but when you start think about what was and what is, there's no comparison. However, it says "visiting here will arouse your senses", so give it a try.  As we've built homes and businesses upon the coral rock, we've pushed ourselves into the sea? Why create something you cannot afford, especially a static display? We call it a serene and stunningly beautiful retreat in the heart but how do we get the nerve?

First, you'll pass through a lush subtropical forest and approach the main house along a walkway lined with fountains and foliage. Is this something designed to help those in need or is this something designed to take away? How can anyone help you when they are more corrupt than you?

Inside the house you'll marvel at our collection of treasures spanning two thousand years. Outside, you'll enjoy magnificent views of our serene historic gardens and colorful orchids. Is this the beauty which surppasses all beauty, then why all the security, what if it was secured before you, would you be allowed? Do you really know the feelings of denial, betrayal, and rejection?

So, exactly what are these museums and historic landmarks hiding? It was a time when America's wealthiest industrialists created lavish homes inspired by the very same palaces of Europe, from where they were trying to escape. And these are the people of today, from which we're trying to escape, as they coverup their abuse of people land and resourses.

They wouldn't give you a candy bar, if they had a million and they call for war to serve their own selfish purpose. I don't want anything for FREE but you think of "taking what was free and beautiful for all to explore, add your little 2 cents and charge for maintenance and profit, how clever can this be? How long can that last? Now, is this cookie-cutter or what?

Being defeated is a temporary thing but giving up is permanent, but to keep doing the same old shit, yet expecting a different result is CRAZY.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!