Dangling the Carrot, Beholding to you

Taking ownership, responsibility for implementing the vision.

What good is one sack of food when your chickens must eat for a year? What exactly would be the return on your investment?

I hear black folk talk about dinky white folk and I hear white folk talk about lazy black people, is there any truth to this or is it just how people think? For those of you who think it is not important, then why don’t white folk patronize black businesses, as black folk patronize white businesses? Fair trade, how does this ever become fair trade?

In America, there’s a lot of trading going on, but what do you have to offer and what is the return on your investment? Why don’t black folk patronize black businesses the way white folk patronize white businesses? Why does the dream business or job become further and further out of reach? Are black businesses under par or are they being denied? Why can they build these great empires and the best we can do is rent a spot? Is it because black people are not as intelligent or are they just financially strapped? If wisdom is so important, then why doesn't it work as well as money?

As we think we’re so focused, so up standing, so good, why has wrong become right? Why do black people feel more empowered, as white folk feel more threatened?

I had a friend who got someone else to do a job I would have done on a normal basis. This in itself was not a problem, but I was a bit shocked because I thought she would have at least consulted with me before, out of courtesy. I thought we had that kind of understanding. Why would you strike out on your own, when we have built everything else together because you did not know what to do?

Then, I had a project, I made known to her but she got upset because she says I did not invite her. The bottom line to this all is we’ve made each other feel not needed, less important and nothing is happening but talk. All of this was done to make that point very clear. How does any of this help to get the job done?

This is the very reason why black people are so reluctant to patronize black businesses and why white people are so reluctant to patronize black businesses? We thrive off of petty bullshit which accomplishes nothing, white folk get the job done by treating your asses like shit and we justify all of this betrayal with a dollar. WE do all the right stuff for the wrong reasons and you see where that gets you.

How do you build great relationships, why start and never finish, how can you build anything by piece milling it, is that what you call “dangling the carrot”? Why do you always want someone beholding to you? How is your thinking? Why nickel and dime your vision?

In order to implement, you must first see the vision and after seeing and implementing, you must be able to recover, in order to get a fresh new start.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!