Have you had Thoughts of Suicide?

Can you visualize what's really going on, do you really know, is it what you're taught? How can a business close and forget to tell their employees? How, why, is it real and we have to take it? What about consequences, what about stopping the train wreck before it happens?

Is it forward or backwards?

The More I Help The More I’m Helped

Don’t believe that bull shit… or is it Bullshit? Do you really know bullshit when you see it? Tell me, why do “same sex need special permission to marry “the same sex”? You’re so fucking smart, will you please tell me that?

You know all the 5w’s about weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, because that is all your phony ass ever thinks about or is it oil, mandatory education...? Why, why would anyone in their right mind want to walk around armed? We don’t even want to carry the shit we have to carry, why in the sam hell, please explain to me why any American Citizen see honor in walking around with a 45 cal. strapped to their asses? How has that idea, that mind set become so common now? Why be driven by your own scary (hate and fear) ass? Who’s afraid of you and why are you so fucking scared? Only a punk ass would see honor in walking around with a gun strapped to his ass, but you make heroes of them. You’re a fucking sorry ass cowboy while the rest of the world is an Indian. Too many little you's and big i's

What’s really going on in America Today? I think on How great we claim to be, all about how good it is to be an American citizen, and if you don’t like here then leave, and you wonder why the crime rates soars so high? But I wonder how many of those so called, “starch Americans” are veterans? How many of them have really put their lives on the line for their country?

All that shit about the south shall rise again, for whom is this good? Inflation, how much is a gallon of gas these days, why? Do you know what “whole food” is, have you ever tried to buy it, it just does  not fit however you were raised? We didn’t eat “wheat grass”. What the hell is turmeric? We couldn't even have a fucking pork chop... Now, if you ask us about fried chicken, corn bread and all that shit we stole from Native Americans and all we’ve done is “made things worse”. Why didn’t Native Americans have all these financial problems, unnecessary  stress, alarming crime rate, bipolar, manic depression? Why didn't Native Americans see a need for all these formal institutions of  higher learning, mega churches, Homeless, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, KKK… bullshit?

There was a time, we didn't even know what homeless was, we wouldn't have allowed it to be and we would have helped them rebuild. Wouldn't been all this insurance fraud...

It is fucking Amazing what a White Man will do for money and how he’s proven he can rule the rest of the world, by forcing them to live by our racist ass justice system. And our government is world renowned for supporting it, including our churchs. Always , as we are so clever to pull another Hitler and rule the world. How can you rule any fucking thing, by destroying everything? I  don’t give shit which college, university, Harvard, Yale, West Point, Clark, Morehouse… bad business is just fucking bad business. Now, you’re going to call me, just another stupid ass, wanna bee, black, AA, don’t know shit, ain’t got shit but I can truly tell you…. You are fighting a losing battle? What good does it do to tell yourself you’re winning, when you’re actually getting your ass kicked? Who's really experiencing, suffering the brunt of the pain, is it the poor, the middle class? Do wealthy people suffer?

What do you teach about treating others, do black people really count, who's inferior, who's superior?

Barack, President Obama and I know something stupid as hell is up by the way I hear you talk about Your President. You elected the man. Think about that shit and you have no loyalty, only to your own stupid ass. Who does not care about their own people? Now, what kind of winning attitude is that?

We can't afford to be divided by race, religion, region or class or by gender, but really, how are we divided? Who's the victor and who's the victim? Is it our children or your children, is it our schools or your private schools, why don't you want to attend our schools?  Why is there a them and us? What's wrong with public education, why does it cost so much to attend Harvard?

And Black people, you’ve got a long ways to go, when you don’t even listen to your own ass, it just ain’t allowed. When do we put away with the bullshit? "Do the crime do the time", we're committing crimes as though there are no consequences, is this real or just what you say?

The more I help the more I'm helped.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!