Dark skinned beauty back 2014

Let's see how lighter skinned women respond to the new beauty of being black?

I always say, you get what you give. So, light skinned to white skinned get ready to embrace the new black beauty.

The reign of light skinned women has come to an end. Remember when it was quite fashionable to be in the company of high yellow women to white women? A high yellow (red bone) woman was about as close as a dark skinned man could get to a white woman? It was a time of black men trying their very best to attract the closest thing they could to a white woman to compliment their success. Remember the “paper bag test”?

There was a time when the darker a woman was the less desirable to our society. . Black women had to be somewhat apologetic for their darkness. It was the thought of dark skinned women being less attractive both economically and socially. It was the time when even black men viewed their dark skinned counterpart as inferior to the good of anything. Due to low self-esteem issues, darker skinned women couldn't compliment a black man the way he thought. The thought was you just can’t enjoy life as well with a dark skinned woman and if you had one you would face the same challenges of being ostracized. It was like they were just bad luck.

The same inferior feelings and thoughts were expressed by the more intellectual black women. They weren’t as open to blacker women attending our institutions of higher learning. Dark skinned women were ostracized from both within and without our communities.

Though women of color were discriminated against, the brunt of this discrimination was suffered by darker skinned women.

Today, chances of a dark skinned woman being selected as a First Lady are unanimous, just like the beautiful First Lady we have and this I attribute to the new embrace and acceptance of  the new black beauty we're experiencing today.

Well here in 2014 this scale is starting to tilt in favor of dark skinned women and the blacker the berry the sweeter the fruit. Somehow, dark skinned women have managed to raise themselves to the top of the beauty scale, both economically and socially, and the darker the better. “Loving the dark skin” has become the new cliché for about as erotic as it gets and dark skinned beauty is much more likely to be considered as a suitable partner today.

"God don't like ugly and he ain't all that crazy about pretty either."

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!