Dead Beat American Children

Sounds like there is a choice here, are you wrong?

Our children, are they doing what they're supposed to do? You have to be honest with yourself. Do you know what they're supposed to be doing? Math skills, reading, writing, gardening, hunting, fishing, personal hygiene...? Are they suppose to be doing anything to help their people?

That’s dangerous! We have and we openly talk about beat dads, low down ass women, but what about our “Dead Beat, Low Down Ass Children”?

Most of you human rights people would cringe about that analogy, but there’s one thing you cannot deny  and that is, “it’s true”.

Why, how do we put so much emphasis on our bright future through our dead beat children? Have you seen the local nursing home lately, Hospital, Walmart… do you want to go there? Are they really helpful?

Would the psychological affects alone be too much, are they? When was the last time you were able to teach your dead beat adult child something? Can you tell them anything? Is it because they learned it from you?

So, you still haven’t figured it out yet and you ask how do they our children become dead beat? How did you become a dead beat? Are things really getting better with our children or are we getting further a part? Are they any better able to maintain good relationships? Why can’t our country?

Who, with whom are our children making peace or are they just being satisfied? Do they really know how to better survive or is it they’re living the same old dead beat life you chose for them? Are they really better able, skilled to and at thinking for themselves? Who plays by the rules?

These white folk got us scared to love, teach and play together with our own children. Our children can only be a success by their schools - work? Your training doesn’t matter and if you think it does, well your child has got to play their games or is it your games by their rules?

What kind of a game do you have for them? How can your own children win by playing your game, other than “beating one another”?

Do they really need a mentor like you, is that why they need better role models? Who says our children need better role models? What is that saying about your home?

IF our schools were that bad, why did we have them in the first place? Then on top of all that, you allow them to erase all tracks. Then you say,,, they destroyed our history.

What happens when we're all about self? How do we get dead beat dads? Dead Beat Children. What good is DNA? We have a responsibility whether we accept it or not and not is not an option. That's why it takes a village to raise a child.

For our dead beat ass children, when will you start accepting the blame and taking responsibility for your own negligence and stupidity? If you don't feed them you're guilty and if you do feed them you're just as guilty.  By their standards, I am happy to be a “dead beat dad”.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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