What next?

Am I your family? I'm as happy to see you as you are me.

Am I a part of your family? Divorce, domestic violence and abuse... why is life running so rampant and why are we in such a serious state of denial? There's them and there's  Us.

I’m as happy to see you as you are me! What happens next matters most? Do people need each other, why? Compromising the most important system for our own survival?

Think about where you are today and that’s due to decisions you made yesterday. Now, where will you be tomorrow, which depends on your decisions today? Do we need more professionals, lawyers, doctors, bankers, teachers, preachers, politicians, husband, wives, children… like we have today? What are you doing in the moment?

They say family shit is the worse shit… There are some dealing drugs, sex, church, the criminal side of the laws of the universe, all those things  that got us to where we are today, which prosper us not.  

And then, there are those of us, against all odds, who are uplifting, IAW the laws of the universe. If you claim you do not know these laws then you have no earthly idea how to be a decent human being. If you do not know how to be a decent human being, you have no earthly idea about family and what binds us all together.

I was listening to a few very educated “family oriented” black women discussing “who was the head of their lives”? They couldn’t agree on an answer, God, Husband, Children, Self… Why argue about shit for which you have no control?

Needs are--things that are necessary, required for life.

What next depends directly on what you want back in return, all of which has no bearing on whether or not you die tomorrow, but whether or not you make the right choices today, well it’s your life.

The reason I write this is most often we’re so confused. We think we can serve everybody. We think we can split ourselves by serving them and us, when in actuality you serve them by first serving yourself. They don’t come to you looking for anything do they? Well, they would if you conducted yourself accordingly.

So why do I need you or even more important, why do you need me?

We need those professional positions, but filled by a people with a different attitude. Somehow, we let that shit get out of control, falling victim to cronyism and corruption, even to our wives, children…. We need new leadership with a greater understanding of universal laws, human rights, decent human beings.

In addition to natural suffering, people inflict suffering upon each other. We’ve progressively moved away from “all” the good and wholesome things in life we need to maintain a healthy living – to survive. Now, ask yourself why?

Family shit, you can't do a damn thing for self, yet you can do everything for everybody else? Tear me down to build you up. Big "I's" and little "U's"??? We’ve removed our need to belong and substituted it for some other shit that matters not.

The family unit, which is the basic for all other units we form, is no longer family. In our wild ass insanity, to be so independent of all the pain and suffering we’ve inflicted upon each other, we’ve compromised the most important system for our own survival and that is the family unit and love.

In the name of Jesus, instead of being for each other, we're actually against, while proclaiming for and we keep breeding and feeding this great monster.

A greater Understanding of the needs of people, am I a part of your family, if you had to think about that answer, you already know.

Ultimately, a good understanding and responsiveness to the needs of people result in stronger relationships and success, in more ways than you could ever  imagine.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!