Death Robots

Is it a drone, something to help the handicapped or death delivered by a robot?

It has made world news, the robotic device used by Dallas police to deliver lethal explosive to the man who killed 5 policeman and wounded several others.

A Remotec Andros F-6A bomb-disposal robot was used to kill the American gunman. Do we need a new way of killing our own citizens? Are police escalating violence or deterring violence?

What is the big fucking deal about this thing?  Why are Americans a deer in headlights over this new strategy? it is unbelievable is it not? A nation on the edge, does America have blood in her eyes? Would it be acceptable to use a robot to blow-up police? Who has the bigger gun? Why did not police just take a bazooka...? There are certain weapons which cannot be used against your own people?

There is death row and a death robot. It never even got a chance to be a military secret weapon before Dallas police took a chance at using the F-6A bomb disposal robot to neutralize a recent American target. Talking about a letter bomb or a drone, why have not we used them against Americans? Using such tactics puts police on the same level, not smarting than the criminal. I am not sure if they got such hot press coverage as fast as this thing and according to their reports, it was very effective. My question is, why did not the gunman just shoot the damn thing, I guess it was a stealth robot. Maybe he thought it was being used in its traditional role as a bomb disposal robot. Anyway, officials took advantage of the opportunity to make sure the public knew the gunman did not kill himself, as first reported, but was killed by police using  this robot. This robot report went viral from there. It is getting lots of accolades and praises for killing the target, which happened to be black and protesting the very thing which brought him to his demise..

Now, what are your chances of you being invited to death using this robot? If you see a robot coming.... What circumstances will dictate future employment of this device, in a lethal role? Which country will be the next? How many do you think we will sell and will they be government controlled? Would you know it was coming? 

The bigger question is where next? Based on the hot press about the new role of this device you can bet this will not be the last. Armed with camera, remote control and explosives will it become the new riot control weapon, against black America? Are police, who we deem so courageous, justified in using such overwhelming tactics against one armed black man?

Lethal technology traditionally, has been driven by the military against foreign threats, but surprise,  the police was first to employ this lethal strategy against their own people. Or was this subject considered an American citizen, when the decision was made? Did the color of his skin overrule his citizenship status? If you say it was the crime, then does two wrongs make a right?

The new president is do or do you not accept this method of killing your own citizens, well Black Americans must not be considered citizens? I submit to you the latest strategy deployed against Black America is going to perpetuate even more killing.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!