Defecting vs. Outsourcing

Do they support the democratic process? What's the difference between a company taking business to a different country and a citizen taking citizenry to another country?

In America, today there's increasing talk about be-headings, racism, executions, trafficking, immigrants, sweat shops, defecting.... At the same time, jobs and businesses are going away, yet people are in high hopes of more jobs,is this realistic or are we just setting ourselves up for more bloody conflicts?

Do these people really understand the democratic process, so for what are we working? Is it clear that America needs such a huge influx of immigrants to do work Americans will not do? Is it American for Americans to outsource jobs? Are businesses defecting?

Citizens need businesses to create jobs to help distribute their products and services. They both are needed to sustain an economy, to make a home, a community and cannot be separated.

As Americans spend more time and money preparing for jobs, more and more businesses are taking their business to other countries, to take advantage of cheaper labor. This trend is on the rise and receive high praise for such economic sound decisions.

Then, there's Joe Blow, the citizen who decides to take his business to another country (making up for a lot of wrong) and he's considered defecting, what's the difference?

Defect means to abandon one's country or cause, in favor of an opposing one. Outsourcing means to send away (some of a company's work) to be done by a people outside the country. To abandon one's country, in favor of cheaper labor in an opposing one.

Are they really better workers? Are they more dependable, understanding of democratic processes?

I understand trading but the purpose of out-sourcing is for the primary benefit of the company. The citizens loses out on businesses (the means) and jobs (the end), yet are expected to pay the same price for cheaper produced products and services. So, as businesses and jobs diminish in the home land, they flourish in opposing land. How are citizens expected to earn a comparable income?

Continued outsourcing is a double whammy for Americans and means more bloody conflicts. The main contenders of outsourced work in America's are the main contenders for bloody conflict with Americans.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!