Some will admit and others will keep lying?

Why does what you deny continue to exist, why does this shit continue to happen..

Who wants to hear "nice and wholesome" all the time? What do you have to gain, how crude is the world really? Ever asked yourself that question really, what about our political allies are we even loyal to self? Is the REpubican party loyal to Democrats and vice versa? Are women really loyal to men or is that an insult? What does loyal mean and why do we need it, if we're so loyal? Then, how can you confirm your loyalty, when absolutely "nobody" can be trusted? Are you any better than me? Why is Harvard better than Yale? How does Harvard get away with the lie of being the oldest institution of higher learning in America, what did we do prior to harvard and which learning was really higher, better, more prosperous, wholesome and healthy? Then, how did we get in this mess today? Is Confederate money really worth saving? It's all about the money isn't it? Why do people need vacations, why in the hell do they stress themselves out in first place? What are we really doing?

We do some low-down things and those things we used to do very well, today we come up short in. Our organizations are just in name, they are powerless.

Why all the uproar about Hispanics, East Indians, White Americans, Black Americans, Chinese... are we trying to please everybody? What brought us all here together and now, we're trying to deny? How sexy is sexy, what's too much, too little too late? A relationship is a hard thing to overcome, do you ever, then why keep trying. Who's trying to establish a relationship with me, why not?

When you tell the truth, it brings us together? How can you harbor ill-feelings, why would you go around hating anything or anybody, how does hate or hatred, jealousy, I'm better than you... make anyone a better person?

There's nothing ashamed or wrong about a little dirty talk... I know to be without it is very sad. It's a sad feeling not to be able to express yourself, your deepest thoughts and actions should always be welcomed, but what about those who tell us you should not share them? There would be no concern if it were not for these kind of people, people with this kind of attitude. They don't condoned it, but when it happens how can you change? How can you tell your children not to and on the same token accepting they can? It's forbidden but now I forgive you, how many times can you repeat this same old sick behavior? Why not just say, it's all about "why"? Is that how we've become so corrupt?

Will you confess to a little dirty talk? Have you ever dailed one of them 900 numbers just to see what it said? Why is porn so popular or is it? What is the only reason you got that "grand invitation", was it all about the MONEY; then what does that make you?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!