Disruptive Behavior

Ain't misbehaving! Jumping to a new beat! Do you speak highly of yourself and others? Is one less than the other? Do you deserve better?

A mischievous spirit!

Rooting Out Trouble Before It Grows is a sign of maturity. The better you're able to do this the more mature you are and here's why.

Shut up and listen...how can you listen and do all that thinking at the same time? What are you thinking while you're listenting? What good is listening when you keep riding your horse backwards?

Whose business is that? What causes it? Why allow anger to destroy self and all for which you’ve worked? I'm still mad as hell about slavery and what good does that do?

Your reputation is at stake. 

Wouldn’t it be great to see trouble and head it off before it got started? Sparked by what should have been a rather harmless gesture, innocent (i.e., nothing more than what it purported to be), larger issues emerged. 

Now, all is said and done, it’s a good time to bring up the larger issue and address it. Why close the door after the cows have gotten out  – checks and balances? Do you deserve better, then why is one person less than the other?

I believe everyone knows the core mandate of anything life has to offer. "IT'S a place for Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion" to aid in overcoming challenges. It's to help and be helped, for and by each other, towards the goal of success.

Disruptive behavior is it natural? Disruptive behavior is not natural. It is not natural to destroy resources needed for self-sustaining living, including YIV. That would be a contradiction to life. Learn to control and conduct yourself while living. 

Life is a place for questions and answers and has always been the single largest classroom to share information, success stories and problems, victories and defeats. There are enough problems to go around no need to create anymore.

It only takes a few disruptive people to ruin anything? Have you noticed contrary activities are by the same few people and it spreads like a wildfire - food prices, oil, insurance...? Moderators confirmed and deepened my understanding of what's going on. It's easy enough to see by reviewing "past articles/histories." 

It's depressing to watch disruptive behavior as it destroys all we’ve built… NO ONE wants to see  needless, pointless destruction and neither do I. Malicious and selfish attacks upon what you’ve built, when everything around you starts to fall, in every sense of the word is disruptive behavior.

Nobody knows what's going on behind the scenes, they don't know or don’t care about the larger agenda. Even if I fail, must you?

happy to pretend innocence...."Who me? I'm amazed."

We've been there, done that and recognize the pattern. Even if it's fairly early, it's time to let folks know "enough is more than enough".

It's harder to understand WHY, since things are going so well. Why is there anger and resentment when the doors to communications are open, be honest? We’ve worked together and gotten through worse together. To see trouble and dissolve it before it ever gets started, takes a person with vision.

Today, how is your home, is it drama free? Is the goal to remove drama, to work together in peace and harmony? Today is our fault. In retrospect, it is more than we ever had. It is the second most important day of our lives and THE core of all we do.

(((Discussing and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.)))

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!