Expert Advice

What's happening with Expert Advice?

Our quest for perfection Seriously Limits Thinking!

I’m guilty but why? How do the “Expert” know? What makes them an expert? We’re in a mess aren’t we?

How many times have I failed to do what I needed to do because of the expert? Is an expert any more right than wrong? We’ve come to this point in society, “by following the advice of the experts” and is this where we wanted to be? Ever wanted to do so but no one agreed, then tomorrow, it was the best thing for you to do? Do people really listen to their own advice? Does “Lean not to your own understanding” mean don’t listen to you?

Expert, the person who knows how everything goes, the goody-two-shoes… I know I’m a Christian. I know what’s good, decent and wholesome for my family, school and community… I know what a good woman or man is suppose (((not))) to do.

I know too and that’s why I’m asking you these questions: Why do you listen to everyone else except yourself? Why are you so afraid to venture outside your little goody-two-shoe box? Why are you so ashame/reluctant to be different? Are you afraid of the unknown, to make a mistake, fear… Well, how do we ever do anything different if we’re afraid to try? How do you discover new when you’re afraid to venture out? How do you make the world a better place?

Really, are the experts ever right? What did the experts say about trains, cars, computers, telephones, Bibles, education, utilities, fuel, housing, banking… when they first came out? Is it like what they said? Is it making us a better people or a more greedy, hypocritical people? Is racism any better, why was it ever in the first place, if the experts know what the hell they’re doing?

Experts have led us into the world of SELF, get all you can get for self and to hell with the others, so why do we continue listening, following experts?

Parents, we no longer listen to our parents because what the experts say contradict what our parents say. What school should your children attend, what about gun control, being neighborly… Is it because of the experts, we need more guns, security, insurance, credit, education, same sex… What good is it to make more money when prices continue to skyrocket, couldn’t you better spend your time? Does listening to the expert stifle creativity and innovation? What happened when we were the Expert?

Seriously Limited Thinking, how many times have you been rejected by the status quo for something totally indifferent to good character? What does “credit score” have to do with good character? Do people with good character not default on loans? Why does zero credit also equal bad credit? Why is single worse than married, why is non-Christian worse than Christian…???!!!

Why can’t you be your own expert because you’re willing to make that kind of difference?

The biggest problem with my family is we were taught to work together, but tricked into working separate. Why do I have so much confidence in their system than I do my own? I am working to get paid.

We’re all looking to be saved, to receive great advice, but from where comes the great advice? Why not try just to satisfy your own curiosity? Is a mistake that critical?

Think BIG, follow through...and tell those with less vision to go watch TV.

(((your inner

Investing in yourself

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!