Disturbance In Force

Is raising a family becoming more disturbing or is it getting better all the time? How does a disturbance help you with this? What's happening when you're doing more and more shit to make it believable? Is crime really high or are cameras  really helping? We had alarm systems, why didn't they keep away cameras? Just the fact that we need cameras tells us crime is expected to continue rising. Is it more "big brother spying or are we more safe and secure? Then, whose the biggest criminal?

There's symmetry in everything and distrubances are equally constant, so do I really have a choice? There's nothing like looking for symmetry and while you're so engaged, you stump your little toe. There comes a time in life where you feel depleted, not defeated, but depleted and this distrubance sticks with you until you properly address it.

If you don't address it properly this distrubance will develop into something more diar. 

May be it's time for a change. In the very best of us, it is very hard to appreciate the symmetry in the agony of pain. How is it when you're hurting so bad and/or for so long, you feel it best to act like you're not in pain? Remember, pain is constant and motivates you to do what you do. If it wasn't for pain, which I refer to as disturbances, none of us would do anything.

Sin is a pain and our mind is constantly being tempted. Like a tangled fishing line, there are times when a whole people fall victim to their own temptation. Isn't that what wars are all about, not to mention other vices like racism, women rights, slavery... that's a whole long list of disturbance over a short period of time.

So, what happens when a whole people figure out they're wrong? Disturbance sets in, chaos and confusion. They become even more frustrated with each other and turn on themselves. To protect themselves, they become increasingly more divided to fend off any unwelcomed intruders, even though it may be their own kind. People become selfish, setting selfish goals to prove some greater sense of confidence even though all they have is nothing and that's what let's you know how crazy they really are. People start killing each other and suicide also becomes a serious threat. People would rather walk around armed than in peace unarmed. Violence and abuse becomes the norm. Complicated is now the new simple. We're actually perishing instead of flourishing. If you're wondering why things are the way they are today, now you know, you understand why we pay more for less. Everything is more but benefits us less. Things like more food, housing, clothes but less affordable, more water but less drinking water, pollution smothers every aspect of life. That thing called inflation is killing us and we're doing it to ourselves.

This means the chains, which binds us all together, have been broken, compromised, corrupted and must be repaired as soon as possible, in order to survive and/or live a better. Somebody has stepped on our ant hill.

People feel guilty and do everything they can to cover it up. They disguise the turbulence within as open, honest and hardworking, when all that motivates them is a dollar. Now, everyone is chasing a dollar, just one thing to get what they want. You know you got it bad when the same ole shit is better than no shit. You've started to believe your own lies.

What is money, how long has it been around and how did it become our greatest median of exchange? Didn't you say you had a choice, then why would you do this to yourself? When we're supposed to be making life more simple, why are we making life progressively more complicated, yet hoping to survive? Plus, that's a crime isn't it?

To save us from ourselves, there's something about Energy and its  the molecular structure of energy. The way molecules come together to form a chain, for your own safety and well being. There has to be a celebration of whose we are, from where we came and to where we're going and there's nothing like having "nothing to do".

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!