Someone ask me what am I saying and what do I want? 

You understand ISIS but you don't understand what's going on in your own country/backyard???

There are some questions about understanding in our world today. There are those who claim innocent bystander based upon their own ignorance, while powerful evil forces reek havoc on rights of the very people, land and resources they're sworn to protect and serve. Life ends the day we become silent about things that matter. Silence constitutes acceptance and a very snobbish attitude.

What is there to understand? We should understand, ethically and morally, “we” weren’t right yesterday, we ain’t right today and until we make a drastic change, we will not be right in the future.

What do you mean by right? Simply, we do not respect people, land and resources, even our own. We’re so engrossed in deceiving each other we now see deception as a way of life. See crime, scandals, blue and white collar, equal employment.

Our system of justice is so corrupt, we need a crooked ass lawyer to keep you from becoming a victim. Our health care programs are so expensive we need over priced insurance. Our cost of living is so erroneously inflated jobs can't keep up. Predatory lending is now a standard practice. Our religion is so hypocritical we support one race being superior to another. Talking about dysfunctional families, try our system of education. We tell so many lies, we make so many empty promises and you wonder why nothing we do works. This includes our dead end jobs which have brought us to where we are today, working like a slave for the opportunity to work even more like a slave. Paying for insurance to pay even more if you use it? We’re literally working for nothing and we have the nerve to blame it on illiteracy.

Whose more illiterate than these slang speaking, pants dragging the ground, arrogant ass white folk pretending to be working yet refusing to serve anybody but themselves? I'm not speaking like this to be mean, but truthful and it is these who are supposed to have learned how to dress for success and graduated high school. They are the kind who makes you wonder how they could get a job or how an employer has such low standards, yet require higher standards of other races?

Today, we have more people who can read and write than ever before. For that, we promised them a better quality of life, but all we’ve given is more shit to do, including “Go to College”. GotoChurch, there’s more crime in church than there is out.

Christians support racism, treating women as second class citizens, slavery, Jim Crow, genocide of the indigenous people of this land and every other atrocity committed in the world. Why would I follow someone, anyone who enslaved my people? Do you think they’ve had a change in heart?

Karma is not what Art says but a universal law, so no matter how high you may think you are or good,,, you might want to prepare for some “pay back”. What good is serving a people who doesn’t listen and obey themselves – your inner voice? What good is a people being misinformed and misguided? What good are our leaders for betraying us?

What do I want? Understanding, I’m tired of being deceived. I want prosperity without selling my soul. Does our system of education inspire me to be a better man or does it inspire to think I’m less of a man without it? Become a Journalist, Dr., Lawyer, Engineer, Scientist,,, my question to you is, how did all these other people do it before this promise? Did they need an education to learn how to do a river crossing? Did they need an education to educate them away from caring for their babies, seniors and neighbors? Did they need an education to develop more enemies, to learn about terrorism, war, sanctions, rule the world? Do you think today is for what our forefathers sacrificed? Do you think they meant for us to have things like cars that cost a small fortune, the price keeps rising as quality diminishes and value depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot?

Because I want to be respected and is exactly what I’m giving to people, land and resources. You know better, they know better. Now, do it.

(((your inner

" racism and xenophobia "

Above all things get understanding

The Current Economic and Social Order"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!