Sloppy, Pissy, Drunk Every Time!!!

Y, iS being drunk a pleasant thing to be often? 

Talking about quality living, what do your neglected children think? Being productive citizens, God given talent, now, what are you doing with it?

Nothing wrong with throwing one on every once in a while, but every fucking day, every chance you get, every time you visit, you must get drunk? NO matter how others feel, you get drunk and start acting "stupid as hell"? We all have dark places, whether it be smoking, eating, education... but what about this alcohol thing, or any other for that matter? Is that where you want to reside, then why do you act otherwise?

There is a  such thing as "too much". Dark places are places that are no longer fun? You're depressed as hell and at an all time low, vulnerable to any bad thing that comes your way, your resistance to hurt, harm or danger is at its lowest due to your own actions. Why hang your own ass out to dry?

When you start being obnoxious do you think anyone wants you around?

Every time you come to my house, you have to get drunk?

If somebody comes to your house and every time they have to get drunk, what’s going on with that?

You know, I look at these old crackers who never changed, feeding that shit to the indigenous people of this very land. What do I see, an old over dressed skeleton, a zombie, filled with hatred. Do you know how much some white folk hate black folk, they’d rather see you hang than to give you a glass of water.

What makes a person like that? I don’t know what they do when visiting others, but every time they come to your house, they end up drunk? And remember, I’m talking about “sloppy drunk”? Is it due to a lack of education? Is it poor parenting skills or social skills?

Education and Opportunities: Now they’ve attended some of the best rehab facilities, “had” some of the best jobs, attended some of the best schools of higher learning. In this case, this middle aged lady was getting her doctorate.

Pissy drunk, going on about, "why are you so different", pitty party, grossly abusing your own body, what's left of it anyway? You've had every opportunity, even more than the average, you're a wanna be and because you cannot accept yourself, all  you can do is "get drunk off your ass", what a waste.

Can a “pissy drunk” do anything for themselves? They don’t want to. Then, why do you want one? Why would any man or human being, in sane body and mind, want to marry or be married to “a sloppy, pissy ass drunk, especially lady”? All they ever do is “stay drunk”. When you need them most, where are they… p I s s y d r u n k. Paying bills, where are they? Helping to maintain the home, where are they? So what the hell are they doing at your house?

Does looks over-rule negligence?

(((your inner

Men who Kill just To Have a Fling?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!