Do YOu Love Everybody

Many suggest love is the answer but my experience has taught me different and here's why?

Boy, you are all but ostracized if you answer "no" to the question: Do you love everybody. Many people are preaching love as the answer to it all and are suggesting if we had more love in our hearts then the world would be a better place. Love agape and all about how it eludes us. And all about how you must love your enemy as your friends, why is not this working? What's really going on?

It sounds so good but when look the situation, one must ask, why and how is it so hard to do something so simple as Loving everybody. They say you have to first love yourself but I have learned, first, one must understand what love is. I too am a victim until this most recent discovery.

Love cannot be what we say it is, love is what we practice, now what are we practicing. Pick and choose is what we are practicing and there is good reason for this. Simply, you cannot love everybody.

The way to learn about love is through Mother Nature. And if you want to understand how love goes then you must ask yourself this question: Does the deer love the lion?

This answer will give you the key to it all.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!