Does Your God smoke, drink and lie?

Does God really dwell in your heart and this land?

Does God smoke, drink and tell lies? Can a whale actually swallow a man, hold him in his  belly and spit him out? Can God read, write, or do arithmetic? Would our formal education make him a better God?

Would God want money to be our primary means of exchange? Would God marry, especially the same sex? Would God appreciate how we’re dealing with sexual matters?

Would God be a racist and put up with racial division, based upon demographics? Would God be pleased with your career choices, knowing your job is your number two priority, after money?

Would God like all these political parties causing His people to suffer trying to keep up with ridiculous price hikes? Would he like that we spend more time and resources trying to satisfy the most popular party than we do our religious belief? Would God like it that we put him out of the government, separating church and state, how?

Would God like our gun control laws and our strong desire to defend our claim to His land and resources? Would he appreciate the way we came about this all?

Would God like it that the day we attend church is still one of the most segregated days of the week? Would God like it that we manage based upon cronyism and corruption, doing everything in excess? Would God like it that we are destroying and polluting His temple?

Then, from where do we get this kind of shit? What good is bragging about your God when you don't listen? Are we getting better or more demanding?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!