Humanitarian Side of live

Concerned with and seeking to promote human welfare? Who has time?

How do you acknowledge your human spirit in a world increasingly more automated? Is it better than the personal touch? Why are we embracing automation so much and what happens as we automate fellow citizens out of work?

Been a while, if we've ever acknowledged the Human Spirit within. Sometime since the early American Settlers we haven't done shit to address the human side of life. All we've done is exploited whatever we wanted to appease to own selfish ways, which violates any of our natural processes for providing humanitarian aid to self.

Is it natural to be untrustworthy, racist, war mongruals, capitalist pigs? Hence, we have all the luxuries of life, but can't enjoy any of them. Stressed, we're plaqued by deciet, betrayal, disease and illness. We're constantly on guard and live like someone who stole something and there's a good reason for that. With the way all of this has come about, can we ever relax?

We've convince ourselves betrayal is a natural process. Nothing is safe and secure anymore, not even Halloween or Christmas. The human side of every aspect of life, we've put a price on, even though we're producing a more inferior product or service. Who can you trust?

Most of us would say God, In God We Trust, but what good is God when you can't be trusted, is that human nature? Why are we declining in this regard, which has caused us to loose respect for human nature, in exchange for what we would like to call progress? Is it more natural to go around with a phone in your pocket, a gun, a computer, a degree... than it is to raise your own food, families...? Which is more beneficial to life and living? We place so much value on automation/gadgets/material junk, we no longer have time nor enegry to address human beings. We're overwhelmed with bullshit, shit that has nothing to do with nothing and the resources available, we abuse.

As good as it is, how do we utilize internet to help people? Well, if you can afford it, if you're not scammed... as quick as it started, the internet has become so corrupt security controls can't keep up. It's polluted with idenity theft, scams and virus protection and parental controls are not enough. What was $30, phone and internet, is now $80 per month and quickly rising, in its infant stages.

So, where are we headed? With automation, we've worn out patience and are heading towards more corruption, increased terrorism and security controls. Like safe driving, I ask, do we have more safe drivers than unsafe? Then, why are things like insurance, DUI, traffic control, auto accidents, prices, oil... steadily on the rise, instead of getting better? We're in a serious state of denial. With our good systems of education why aren't we producing more productive citizens instead of more unwanted immigrants? Where is the balance in all of this?

I must ask, am I complaining or am I telling the truth?

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!