Doing What you Think 

Where are the special people? How many times have you been told not to think or say it anyway?

There's what you think and there's what you know? If you think you were doing bad before technology, what do you think now?

So many times we start out with one idea in mind and when we finished, the end product is totally different. Most of the time we don't like it but settle for "that'll do".

If you don't think so, just look how off-balance/deprived/denied we are both economically and socially. Yet, we tell you, "if you meet these ridiculous standards we've established, there will be a pot of gold at the end. 

Dating sites profiles, have you ever read one that told how bad a person is? If you made an evaluation of us based on our dating profiles, all of us would be thinking the same thing. Well, who wouldn't want to have fun, be positive, concerts, dancing, scuba, travel, eating, sports... What you don't see is, we all want to do something special with someone we consider special, so why is it so hard to find this special person? And there are all kind of parameters we've established for this special person. Are you too good for the people right around you or are they too bad?

The thing is we've built ourselves up so attractive, we've compromised the entire process. By now the truth is so convoluted it's all one big lie. Technology, the way we're using it, is making us worse faster. You'd think with all this automation, there wouldn't be a line nowhere, but what do we have? We have more lines than we did before automation. We have more traffic congestion than we did before express ways, more education more dummies, equal work equal pay, the more security the less secure, more hatred... Are we doing what we think we're doing? After all these years, aren't you a success by now?

Though we think it's right, but what we do we know is wrong and on top of all that, we do even more wrong to cover/fix what we did. So what happens when you figure all this out, then how can you expect me to do right? Something is wrong with you because you ain't suppose to see that.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!