Domestic Violence and Abuse 2012

I love this UP FROM THE GRAVE THEME: Domestic violence a direct result of abuse

WHY??? Where are all the do-gooders? wHy don't they stand and be recognized? Why are they so hypocritical in church?

Why don’t good people speak up more? Why is our safety and security in such a poor state of compromise these days? Why does wickedness have such a strong hold in 2012? Why haven’t we resolved the problem of violence and abuse by now; and more importantly why is domestic violence and abuse spreading more than ever before? Is this the new definition of our culture?

Domestic violence is a direct result of abuse, be it domestic or otherwise. How can you accept one and not accept the other? Abuse in any form is abuse in every form.

To stop this all, first you must love and respect yourself. Now, for you “so called” Christians, that’s kind of hard to do. You’ve lied to so much you now believe and therefore telling your own lies. My question to you is, my proof to you is::: What Christian do you know practice what they preach? Why do Christians voluntarily set limitations they know they do not intend to uphold? Where is the “love everybody”? Where is the God is love… Because of that, Christians have no earthly idea of what love is? It’s all convoluted and corrupted with money and greed. Christians honestly believe they cannot llive without MONEY? They honestly believe they do not need anybody when they have their monies. The use the power and money in selfish ways.

Here’s more proof: Is there a such thing as Santa Claus? Why do we keep telling these “stupid ass” as lie? Next, why has Christmas become so commercial? Does that say anything about what “your dumb ass” is allowing to happen…WTFU On top of all that, Christmas is supposed to be your most sacred day, which you have turn into a holiday. Why do you abuse yourselves this way? Why must you go to the enemy to solve your problems? Do you not have sense enough to solve your own problems? Is that freedom?

Is it freedom to choose your own religion? Don’t be so quick to run somewhere and get a story, before you examine the facts.

Christianity pits Christians against non-christians? Why in the fuck must I be a Christian just to get along with your crazy ass, knowing you ain’t going to accept me anyway? Historically speaking, Christians have done nothing more than create VIOLENCE AND ABUSE, throughout the history of America and your ass is apart of the problem.

Why do Christians treat their women as second class citizens, yet want to criticize the rest of the world? Why are “all “ the sacred Christian organizations so full with perversion, racism, …boy/girl scouts, priesthood, churches…? Why are so called Christians in a serious state of denial about this all—more violence and abuse? Why is Christian politics so corrupt?

So if you want to know the roots of Violence and Abuse in any shape, form and fashion; check yourself under the label of being a devout Christian?

Take responsibility, Domestic violence and abuse all starts with YOU.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!
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New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!