Dress Codes as a means of acceptance or denial

Businesses which use dress codes as a criteria to deny or accept services are in violation of human rights???

Because of your inappropriate dress you cannot be served in my house, my town, my business nor my place of entertainment, but I am all about helping people less fortunate, the  poor, the indigent and ensuring all people are treated equally!!!

But we let every other motherfucker in, towel heads, immigrants, trailer park trash, ruthless businessmen, drug dealers... all because they are wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. Then, you can go on the other side of town to a nicer place and dress, as long as it is clean, is no problem.

Safety and Security, we know this, but reason with ourselves otherwise. Like airport security and walking through all these x-ray machines, being waved with a wand and frisked by someone who has not a clue. The more security we employ the more crime committed, isn't that an indicator of something we are doing wrong? The criminal gets through but innocent Americans get put through hell, so it is all for nothing. Does being American count for shit anymore? It is amazing how we want to erect borders and employ greater security "after" our crooked asses have already gotten in. Where was all the security and criminal activities when we arrived?

Our first impressions are: We cannot be trusted, so why should I trust  you with what I have already stolen? Get before you get got!

We didn't used to have lock doors and what kind of security measures to do give you kids when you leave them at home... whatever the hell happened to a village to raise a child. Everyone wants to exploit without being exploited. We steal from the people and extort money out of their asses, calling it jobs for PROFIT.

We can dish it out but cannot take it. Judging a book by its cover,  etiquette, first impression, business casual attire.

I spent 23 years in the military, traveling the world, visiting some of the most racist, elite and holes in the wall it is in the world for business and entertainment; and never denied based upon color, language, education, dress...any of those things Americans refer to as equal opportunity. As a matter of fact, after exchanging a few words, I was welcomed with open arms. What is the dress code for entering the Vatican?

At home in America, I am too often denied assess based upon what I am wearing and I'm a college educated, sixty year old black man and have not been to jail. As a matter of fact, I am a veteran who fought for Americans to enjoy the little freedom we have.

Especially, places of entertainment and black people denying black people, I know what you want achieve but do you know you are going about this "the wrong way"?

Hell, everybody wants to surrounded by good people, but do we know good people when we see them? Do we know what things to use to make a sound decision on whether or not another human being should be allowed or denied? Is the clothes they have on or the way they dress one of them?

Would you deny Jesus Christ based on dress? Are we denying good people and welcoming bad? Is this intentional? What if someone denied you based upon your ability to dress?

Right to refuse service, should dress be one of them?

Further, the people hired to enforce these rules, regulations, policies and procedure are in violation themselves and have not been taught customer service nor people skills. No matter how you dress it up it is still WRONG.

I could be a hired killer dressed in a suit and allowed entrance and be a man with the content of good character but deny because of dress?

To deny another human being service based upon their dress is a gross human rights violation. Especially in America, how can a black man deny another black man based upon dress? WE do it, the illusion of inclusion.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!