The Illusion of Inclusion

What compels me to write this shit? Why would I want to wake-up? The real question is: Why do I want to keep lying to myself?

How does this affect our relationships? We are about to have another situation here. Why do we honor liars when we want the truth?

Everybody has exactly what you need, so why don’t you have what you need? Our society is moving so fast and things are constantly changing. It seems whatever you have is never enough, never being good enough, no matter how much we do.

This tells me someone else is setting my standards and creating what they know I need, therefore denying me until they are ready to deliver. I become dependent on them and will do all I can to ensure I am included on their list. Somewhere in this scenario the word “help” takes on a new meaning, because no one is going to do anything for nothing. The state of being included becomes an illusion because they are no longer doing it to help me but to “get paid”.

It is sad, disturbing, disheartening to learn how careless people really are, especially when it comes to “getting paid”, making a profit or what we have come to know as progress. How many more unaffordable stores, houses, cars… do we need? The illusion is the more we build the more available and cheaper it gets, but afterwards, you only learn our situation is even more desperate. Ever buy something thinking it was just what you needed, only to learn the quality was so poor you could not use it?

Our system of education, have you ever seen a system which consistently produces a poorer quality than when it started? Have you noticed, we have more educated people yet less productive citizens and instead of taking a look, we just keep driving on? No child left behind is the excuse for leaving them behind. You deliberately gave me old books, while you studied new. The same society who promises me, denies me, yet wants me to be just as productive.

You want to crucify me for profanity, but justified when you use it. Your hypocritical sense of justice and system of justice, no matter how warped, is imposed upon me. You are going to say I am ranting, angry, jealous, have not a clue,,, but you know I am telling the truth. In order to include someone all you have to do is recognize them, but we fail to do that. Ever seen a society who doesn’t have time? We intentionally designed it so our citizens cannot have time and we sacrifice our most valuable resource, in “hopes” working for the necessities of life. Do you ever ask, “why do we never achieve this”? Why are we doing more begging, donating than ever before only to be asked for more of them? We say we’re helping, but why are more people more depressed than ever before? We say we’re more secure, yet more security cameras and locks than ever before? More churches, yet more sinners??? Is this the goal, the intended purpose, what we want, is supposed to be?

 And believe it or not, this is greater than a race thing, but for any reason to knock another fellow American down, yet we still believe this corrupt system is working for us. We claim to be more united, yet rely on political parties to further divide us? Why would any society set itself up for failure? How can you deny what is actually happening? How can you keep doing the same old same old yet expecting a different result?

Why do we want our citizens to believe they are included when we know they’re not? Why do we want you to think you are going to treat me like any other citizens when I am the target, the victim of racial, gender, financial… profiling? I know police are quicker to arrest me, I know I will be the last to get served, I know I have to be better to get the same pay, yet you want me to believe equal pay, employment…

In your marriage, what good does it do to say you are married when you know you are not? What good to say you have a friend, when not one of us can be trusted? What good to have a leader who leads you to Hell?

You are included on the illusion to divert your attention from the truth? The illusion of inclusion simply means, “you are just being lied to”, betrayed and we are betraying each other. You are lying to yourself.

(((your inner


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!