Enduring Pain and Suffering

What's ailing you today, why? Will it ever stop hurting? Why do you think you shouldn't hurt?

Excruciating agony is experienced by those enduring pain, whether acute or chronic, incurable or temporary, so why do we inflict more? When did it stop and when does it?

As I think back, which day wasn’t I hurting and why was I hurting, a numbing feeling comes over me. They made me cry when I was born and I have been crying every since, why?

For the first breath of life I was hit and every since I’ve been hit or hitting to achieve the desired results. The crazy thing about this all is, they finally learned hitting wasn’t necessary. So, why do we keep inflicting pain and suffering on ourselves and others to jump start people? Why do we evoke all these rites of passage Bullet Ant  when none are working? Sadistic, we think no pain no gain and the threat of all this is even more stressful?

Even worse, why do every day people enjoy seeing their fellow man suffer?  Now, if this were not true, I would think these questions to be stupid as hell, but fortunate or unfortunate we enjoy inflicting pain and watching each other suffer for some stupid reason.

To prove my point, I’ll look into our prison system, a place rehabilitation, where you would think there would be the least amount of pain and suffering, but contrary to popular belief, prison is one of the places of the most pain and suffering. Probably the only place exceeding it is a hospital and that is understandable so. But why does pain and suffering flourish so in places where we’re supposed to have the most control, the most discipline and they’re incarcerated for engaging in crimes of violence and abuse in the free world?

How do unarmed inmates gain control of a secured prison protected by armed guards? And what do we prescribe to solve all this… drugs, insurance and war. Inflicting pain and suffering is big business in our current day society.

How much is your claim and what is your pain and suffering worth? How is all of that determined? It is amazing how severe accident victims compensate for their  their pain and suffering and those with minor aches and pains do nothing.

We know the whole creation groans and travails in pain and suffering. We despise and hold each other in low esteem; until now. Pain and suffer is constant, so why do we feel the need to inflict even more? It’s a control or power thing and we abuse pain and suffering to force others into submission.

With exception to the pain and suffering we inflict, pain and suffering are inevitable and necessary parts of life and the best way to endure them is to be prepared in order to minimize them, for the sake of the whole – faith and love.

When the challenge is worth the pain balance is achieve.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!