Passion and Power

What's going to happen to you?

That dictates why it is so imperative that I write this. Are you blinded by the light?

Everything we do with passion and power becomes our reality. That’s how and why we’re experiencing what we are today and it’s upto you to decide whether that is right or wrong.

So why am I always short? Why do I never have all I need? Are we being educated to be better human beings or are we being educated to be blinded to reality? Why are people always telling me to do the impossible to get what will never come? Well, if it would come, wouldn’t we have it today?

If you allow everyone else to dictate your needs, then you will always be needing and blinded by the light. You need God, you need to be patient, you need a degree, you need money, unaffordable housing, you need insurance… as our society dictates today, we will always be a needy people. Because we’re working for our egos rather than for what is actually needed.

My thing is not to guide you against our current society but to help better our current society and/or economy.

Why complain about your job, that’s your choice? Why worry about being obese, your choice? Why the endlessly rants instead of viable solutions? What about our plan for disaster relief?

What’s happening is our society is dictating things to us that makes us keep on needing instead satisfying needs. Things that makes us go deeper into debt, depression and crime instead of things to bring us out. Too much into things that create stress instead of things to relieve stress. Things that make us unappreciative rather than things to make us appreciative –sex, drugs, politics, war, corruption, cronyism…

What’s so complicated about this all? The proof is where we are today hinges on what we did yesterday. Why are guns such an issue and you know it’s not the guns? With or without you, I’m here to change all of that by proving otherwise. Whether you understand me or not, disaster is coming. Distracters, whether you allow all these petty things to distract you from the bigger picture will not save you, because disaster is inevitable and the best thing you can be is PREPARED. Preparing for the unexpected, but the inevitable, isn’t that what life is all about? Now, how can I/we do that?

We’ve gotten too far away from the basics of life and too much “for me”, too much into building our own selfish dynasties, rather than for the whole. Too secretive instead of open and honest. Too much into satisfying “special interest groups”, greed instead of the whole.

I’m here saying we need to change all of that. And we can change all of that regardless of education, race, politics, religion, money, power… and we do not need to “march, strike, boycott, union,…” All we need to do is connect spiritually and no matter where we are and what we’re doing will manifest itself in reality.

Do you understand what's really needed? We need more people who understand that to stand up for what they understand, instead of being silent and going along with what they know not to be working.

It all starts with You. Your thoughts into words and your words spoken with passion and power causes you to work in the same direction.

(((your inner

Black Cowboys, Man or Myth?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!