Expressing YIV 

Is it really yours, mine,,,Are you Building or Destroying?

The voice to whom you listen, is it really yours, I know it's not mine or is it that of someone else? Does the level of education, power, money, position make better sense to you? Have you just given up and said to hell with it, roll with the flow? Only "dead fish" go with the flow.

What good does it do for a man to destroy himself? What good does it do for a man to commit suicide? Suicide is a long term answer to a short term problem. Can you justify that? What does it indicate to you when our children start killing our children, with the weapons we built? Are the chickens coming home to roost?

More and more people are giving up on expressing their inner thoughts. Mostly because new technology hinders their ability to be themselves and this technology includes money. Why is it that way? The more technology we have the lazier we get, the more we become outside of ourselves – status symbols and misplaced priorities. We’re actually paying more for less and increasingly breaking our necks and the necks of those closest to us, in order to work. But it is not working, the more we work, the worse it gets.

How do you break these chains? What’s happening, this is being passed from one generation to the next? They ain’t going to care about shit either.

The idea of (((your inner voice))) is to bring to the surface thoughts and feelings from within. Society has caused us to surpress how we really feel about things and go with the status quo. The intent of expressing your inner voice is to make you a better person.

If you’re expressing your inner voice to be malicious or to discredit, then you are destroying yourself and all that around you. If you’re expressing your inner voice to help the next person better express themselves, then you are building a better world.

(((Discussing and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.)))

(((your inner

I don’t know God  

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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!