I don't know God 

There's more stuff I don't know than I do Know.

I don’t know God. Do you even know if you will get your next breath? I don't know God, what about ye of great faith? I don't know God, what good does it do you? I don't know God, are you any different, better than me?

I know for all the people who claim to know and be obedient to God, this is a really fucked up world. All the chaos and confusion, are you surprised? What about all the crime and alarming crime rate? What about all the hatred, corruption and cronyism, violence and abuse... Do these people really know God? Do they know what that means and do they know the consequences for lying and violating? Do they care?

Do you know who God is?

It’s amazing how the worst of us make such a big deal out of supposedly knowing God and are so critical of the lack of faith in others. Do they really know Him or are you just following along?

Why does everyone want to know God? They can tell you all about who, what, when, where and why, according to someone else. The crazy thing about this all is “ they’re serious”, to the point of war. Even crazier is the fact we do not know anything else, but we profess to know God and all his whereabouts?

What good is knowing God and being disobedient? And the so called most holy ones of us are the ones causing all the trouble. They’re the most critical, hypocritical and least likely to help. Did they help during slavery, the Indian wars… But when it comes to God, they’re in the midst of the chaos and confusion.

What’s wrong with saying “I do not know anything about God”? I don’t know where He lives, what he wants, none of the 5 w’s because it’s too hard for me to do.

Out of our mouths come one thing, but our actions are another. Then we apply pressure on you to do the same. Do Preachers know more about God than you or I? How did you come to know God?

Well, if you really knew God, this would be a better place, with peace and harmony, just like God would want it, if you knew anything about God at all.

People Who Don't Know God worry and fuss over these things.

How do I know, because God is love.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!