Eye Witness Accounts

Reporting and reporting procedures.

Truth and Time.

Reporting, eye-witness accounts and events mean repeating or reporting exactly what you witnessed -- saw, heard, experienced and documenting it?

A photo is worth a thousand words and any tools to help you record the events and to accurately report them? Why?

Who: Who is making the report and involved parties?

What: Step by step, what exactly did you see and experience, first in general categories and then, in details?

When: Sequence of events, day, times?

Where: Location of incident?

Why If applicable, why did the incident occur.

Eyewitness reporting, is important for reporting emergencies. Accurate, eyewitness accounts? The hijackers, The pirates, fear to the max and ego, no good smell and we will not mention the details. When it gets all lumped together--sewage.


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