Living on a prayer, what better way. 7 Things to know about prayer.

To make request of our Father. Prayer is not a religious thing, prayer is a spiritual thing, requiring deep concentration, meditation and time alone. How else do you communicate with your spirits?

Why even bother? Why encourage anyone to pray or seek answers through prayer? I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; and I will bless them and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary among them forevermore.

To spiritually communicate with our creator and all the power stored within, seek spiritual guidance. We have tried everything else, "get rich quick schemes" (GRQ),scams, but not prayer.

Prayer is an action word, the same as love. Prayer is a powerful tool for creating a world of peace and plenty. ... In prayer we lift up one another, beholding the life, wisdom and love within each of us, not one better than the other. A family who prays together stays together. Pray for yourself and others.

Prayer is the single most important tool for a happy spirit filled life. Have you given prayer a chance to work in your life? Can you keep cool while your prayers are being answered.

There is no such thing as bad prayers, but there is a such thing as be careful for what you ask? Prayer changes things and "It is time for a change". Embrace this change?

Prayer is the one tool we do not want to lose.

When all else fails and it will, I can still pray. Just like our father's prayers have been mainfested today, many of our prayers today will manifest in generations to come. As the old song says, Somebody prayed for me. They took the time and I am so glad they did...

Peace and prosperity are what we seek and "prayer and works" are the answers.

Work towards the demise of evil, hunger, depression, oppression and poverty, we are eager for these to end. Seek and ask for change.

I confess and praise your great and awesome power. I have sinned, am seeking forgiveness, I choose to live and prayer is my path to successful living. To know myself as a spiritual being is a greater capacity for living and giving.

Prayer is the best tool for healing.

    7 Things to know about prayer!
  1. Who and to whom?

  2. When?

  3. Where?

  4. How?

  5. Why, what about?

  6. Prayer changes things? And if you cannot understand all of that, pray like you are talking with your father.

  7. Confidence that your prayers were heard and will be answered?

    Do more, have more, be more, some times life can be a bit tricky, but stay on the yellow brick road, read more, Content.

(((your inner

Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Help to pray?

Hindrances to prayer?

Pray for grace and mercy.

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