Family Ain't Shit

It wasn't everyday, but every once and a while my father would slip and say: "Family ain't shit" and I wonder why?

Ever hosted a family event? Did anyone try to sabotage, was it the least likely family member, someone close, a sibling, aunt, uncle? All these alleged family abuse cases, do you think there is anything to them? Do you think there is really a need for DFCS? How do they know there's a serious need? How can we have all these nice families, yet evil towns? Every offender is a family member and with what did we do with them before?

Today, I understand his quote more than ever before, because there is no worse shit than family shit. My mother wasn't shit, even though I thank her for everything she gave me and she gave me everything but a good life...I cannot figure out how one can enjoy sitting at home everyday making babies and looking for a fight, within their own family? Why would you have all these babies, with "no way to provide for  them"?

This is what the majority of American women do on a daily basis, do you realize women are the cause of more wars than men? Well, is it possible for a woman to talk her husband out of going to war? They can tell you not to fight, thou shall not kill, still, cheat and destroy, but the bottom line is... They are more guilty than men. If it was not for women, there would be no wars? Women go along to get what they want, power, position, favor.

Family, the basic unit of every society and you ask why is our society so fucked-up? Is it just in my eyes or is this a reality? Are we afraid to take responsibility for family matters because we know we cannot or are we just negligent and hiding our hand? Either way will not produce desired results. Once you are able to confess: You ain't shit, then you might be able to do something about it.

And this is just being passed on from one generation to the next because even the children I fathered hate my guts. Is it in our dna, is it the parents, is it Art, is it all the above?

If your parents aint shit, what should you do? Do the best you can to survive  until you are able to escape and make a better person out of yourself. Do what you would like in return and that is a hard pill to swallow these days. Good luck, no, better luck than me!

(((your inner

My mother wasn't shit

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!