My Mama Wasn't Shit!

Which is probably a good explanation for me not being worth a shit, but after all these years, I have come to a good understanding and it gives me some sense of relief and release to share these very private thoughts with you.

Some questions which come to mind are: Wasn't worth a shit in comparison with what? How can you say this about your mom? Are angry, did you have a bad childhood, should you report to a mental institution?

Mother, the person responsible for delivering, in to the world, every human being, but this does not mean they are responsible. Does our society, is our society structured in such a way as to produce responsible mothers/parents?  This is not easy, but very important to be voiced. From the tender age of 4 years old until today, I knew there was something serious going on with my mom, my family and my community.

First, I thought it was unique to my family and did my best to hide it, but the older I got the more I understood, this thing was generational and every family is playing a deception game. "Ain't no shit worse than family shit." Values and Standards

This does not mean I do not love my mom, while she is the only mom I have but this does not remove the fact of how negligent she might have been. And from the looks of things, the majority of mothers good and bad, fall into this same category.

Every person has a mother, but the majority of mothers are nowhere near as responsible as they know they should be. Would there be a such thing as poverty, poor, crime, cheating, atrocities...if mothers was who they know they should be?

My mother would fight for me is often confused with her love for you and vice-versa. Though my mom gave birth to me and my brothers, her choices in life has made it all but impossible for us to get along, which is very indicative of the world today, so she was not alone. Abusers cause you to think you are the problem.

my mom would fight at the drop of a hat, but who,,, and you she bowed down to the manipulation, violence and abuse of the white man. Guess, just like every other minority mom, white was right and we are just trying to survive. My question: You tell me to be truthful and honest but what do I see in you?

Ever had or tolerated a mom who would sell her children into slavery, what about bad relationships? What about mis-educate them? What about a mom who would harbor a fugitive and not talking about a Harriet Tubman either? What about a mom who would turn your children against you? What about a mom who deceive her in-laws for monetary reasons, yet hate her husband? What about a mom who would rather be treated as a second class citizen, to keep her husband? What about a pistol wheeling grandma? A mom who supports capital punishment, but do not want her own child punished? What about corporal punishment but does not want to be beaten? What about a mom whose primary function is shopping, reading, leisure walks/run, fitness club moms? What about racist moms? Moms claiming to Christians just because she, her husband and children attend church together?

This thing called my momma ain't shit is becoming more of reality now, isn't it.

Do you realize how deceptive mothers are? Mothers tolerated Crimes against Native Americans, African-Americans and believe it or not, mothers were the main force behind the success of these atrocities.

Women in prison, are they mothers? What about Bankers, Medical, Justice System, Armed Forces, Mis-Education, Religion, dead end jobs... but who will start the noble cause of mothers being who we know they should be? So far, mothers  have been the instrument to further enslave their children.

My family has created our own prison in which to live, solely because of how my mother raised us...we were a single family home... And my daddy, ain't never understood why she kept going back to the same old broken relationship.

However, today I understand, it wasn't just my mom, who wasn't worth a shit, but all our moms, this is why the world is so deceptive today and we are too high and mighty to admit.

And she died hating my guts and until today, I do not know why. Even though she never voiced it, I think she hated my guts from birth, lol.. but somehow, I survived.

(((your inner
Evicting a Family

Difference Respect and Abuse

My family ain't shit?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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