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Do you really want know how to make a fire in the rain? It is very important to know how to make a fire in the rain and from this you will learn, just keep reading. Everyday ain't sunny. You have to find a reason to believe.

Too wet, you must get dry and stay warm, but who wants to make a fire in the rain with all the modern day bullshit we have. One partner wants to have a fire and the other could give a shit less, what you gon do?

They say I don't write quality content and that's why my website, of ten years has been pandered from the google top ten - damn. I can't tell what's right or wrong even though everything's in Black and White. I just want somebody with whom to laugh out loud, to make me smile, trying to find a reason to keep believing. Don't want to lie to myself anymore, don't want to try to understand the pain in my life and after all my years of good service, I don't want to hear all the bullshit.

I know I started out talking about Fire and Rain, but just think of all the websites you visit all because they had an interesting subject which had absolutely nothing to do with their content. And there are those which are wicked and they rate high. All kinds of intruding ads, spamming, unsolicited phone calls, emails... and google, yahoo, msn, bing... are our biggest culprits.  Then, there are those who we consider quality but what's the difference between them and me? You can't please everybody, especially those with money.

So much of my life I've let go by, my youth I spent trying to follow the crowd and lost it all. And what do they do... must i ask people like Bill Cosby?

How do you ever get new by doing the same old shit or allowing someone to define what only you can do.

your inner voice, I'm so pleased I found mine and when I'm not happy with shit, I can easily understand why because my life is not over complicated with a lot of bullshit trying to please those who profess to be something they don't even understand.

So often I sit wishing for a woman who understands the idea of "making a fire in the rain". Most would say how ridiculous and walk away. But I can remember meeting someone special on those rainy nights and they were thinking the same as me, let's make a fire in the rain.

Nothing ridiculous about it, they were looking for the same as me, say pack up our troubles and throw them all away. I guess we're constantly seeking a partner to make a fire in the rain, no matter what the day is.

To make fire in the rain, one must be determine. Don't give up.

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"Your Child Came Home and Said: They killed a kid???"

"The Chickens Come Home to Roost.."

"Cosby Lynch Mob gets Revenge"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!