Freedom But Not Free 

It ain’t over yet. Are you open? Are you trained that way?

 Are you just not comfortable being yourself? Is it  because you’re ashamed of who you are? You have the freedom, but now what do you do? This also deals with not being ready.

What if your master frees you from slavery, but you’re too stupid to know what to do? The more work you do, the less pay given.

Think of the freedoms we enjoy today, as compared to yesterday. Do you remember and it wasn’t  that long ago? Think of all the restrictions you had as a child and now, as an adult, how free you are today, but what do you do with it?

Know how you think you are a “bag of chips and all that”, but in reality your quality of life is worse, you’re as depressed as hell.

Is it the more freedoms we earn, the less free we are or is it you’re too much in a box to properly exercise them? Now, we can own a gun, but look at all the trouble we cause. Is the world a safer place or is it progressively less safe? What should your children make of all this?

Now, let’s discuss some fun stuff: What do you do when ready to get your freak on? Remember all the complaints you use to have about finding a suitable partner? Today, all those barriers are removed and you’ve made it even harder to find a good partner for yourself. Quit acting like it’s over with and read this.

They’re scared, pick up on your energy and won’t come to your house.  This is just the beginning. Do you care what others think or what they’re doing, then why do you put me in this category? Why does everybody want to be “Ms and Mr. Goody Two Shoe”, when I come over? Out of respect for whom? How long do you think I should wait for you to be comfortable? How long must I wait for you to get ready? WAiting in vain.

Do you understand why there so much doubt and deceit in the world today? Do you understand why you have freedom, but not free? Do you fully understand why the more freedom you get, the less free you are? Why common sense doesn’t not prevail? Why hasn’t it  gotten better instead of worse?

The more I open up the more free I am. The more I open up, the more you open up.

 (((your inner

Lies we are told about retirement

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!