From where comes our money?

Out of more, are we able to save more, do more? For wtf are we working?

As simple as it seems, there has to be some underlying complications to how Americans get their money. There are more of them for working, yet significantly less of them in your pocket. More grand promises, yet significantly less of them being fulfilled.

The value of a dollar has so severely decreased in value doing my life time and yet we say, “a dollar goes further today”. Back in the day, we were working to have a brighter future, but today I’ve lived to see this future and it is anything but brighter. The promise of the almighty dollar has become more elusive and of less value. Times are harder, yet we keep saying they are better. Jobs are diminishing yet we work for more of the same dead end jobs. The idea of educating our citizens has resulted in sending us back to school. What of any of this makes sense? How can you live an honest, wholesome life having to navigate all this “bogus bullshit”?

This bogus bullshit is nothing natural, but shit we have deliberately created in the name of “trickery”. If you take a look back in the day, when we needed just a few more businesses along our highways and byways to help us on journey in life, today we have a farce. We gone from paper maps to GPS, yet the crabs in a basket syndrome is worse. Why, what’s going on?

What used to be hundreds of thousands is now trillions and the numbers keep skyrocketing while the ability to trade with dollars comes at a higher price. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Why should I be paying more for the same piece of bubble gum? We would like you to believe Americans are  sprouting up everywhere and living longer, but not possible. Like leaves on a tree in Spring, does not matter how many are produced, in fall they all will fall to the ground. What we’ve done is allowed more immigrants to further distort the picture.

More roads, cars, buildings, systems, hustle and bustle… yet harder and harder for citizens to make ends meet and we are saying we need more of the same to resolve these economic and social problems? As we have moved from foot transportation, with fewer lives lost, to car transportation resulting in significantly more lives being lost, exhausting more critical resources and using more land; we say this is acceptable. We have things like smart phones to enhance our communications, yet more people falling victim to crime and corruption and we say this is “acceptable”. We have access to more churches, which we claim save, yet fewer people being saved? We say we have better, yet our communities suffer and struggle more??? How do you satisfy a people who can never be satisfied? Why is, what was so fucking simple,  now more complicated than ever? What does it take to get a little bit of help today?

The DOLLAR, that thing which causes us to abuse the shit out of each other.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!