The Cost of Money

A blessing and A curse? What kind of income are you on?

Does a man's income dictate how he lives, should it? Is it what you have or how you use it? Does costs outweigh benefits?

I don't know why you can't see it when the President and every other Presidential Candidate can see it and is saying it: We ain't gone reach our desired destination, if we Americans keep going the way we are going.

Now, the plan for ironing that out is even more of a problem, because we're looking for "one" person to solve our problems. We do not want to take responsibility because we do not feel responsible, though we want the problem resolved. It is what it ain't.

Are we living right? Are we living the way we are supposed to? Does our economy reflect that?

The cost of money is astronomical today. We go to school on the promise of the more education the more money, but by the time you get there, what happened to the money?

Today I was asked a most profound question: Got to tell you I grew up poor, so kind of practical. Not to be hurtful but I could not figure out what someone gets in return for investing their hard money into supporting the web site.....Do you go out and do motivational speaking or raise money for the poor? That was not clear to me so maybe I missed the point.

Don't feel bad, it not clear to me either, but I'll give it my best shot. I should have taken a deep breath, but ready, fire, aim went in to action and I said the “f” word to money before I knew it. That's a good valid question.

It’s not for you to see my investment, it is for you to see your own, which is the whole point of my website: Listen to yourself and anticipate the unexpected - prepare.

When you do that, does it tell you that you need money? My website tells you “You need Inspiration, Spirituality and “you will” have all your needs provided. Just like any other society, people will work together "to get what they need", instead of putting stumbling blocks in the way.

I have to be careful with this, but what does anything to do with living have to do with money? Does it cost you money to cut down your own trees, on your own property to build your own home for you and your family? Where are your inalienable rights?

My point is: We’ve have about robbed each other until we have nothing left to rob. All our resources are running short, due to poor management.

What does that say about our current system? Cronyism and Corruption. Even if you had the money, you are going to lose and if not you, your children. The shit is running out unless you take over some of these already foreclosed properties, high food, gas, utilities...Or unless you start to produce better quality products and services.

One person said, people are going to walk away from their homes because they cannot afford them. That’s true, we cannot afford to live the way we’re living. Look at the debt to income ratio. Who do you blame? And you want more CREDIT! You are a credit addict.

Not to be hurtful but I could not figure out what someone gets in return? Just depends on what you do. One is a blessing and the other a curse. If you continue with Business as Usual you already know. You are going to get more of the same old same. If you have not forgotten how to really live and start living that way, we'll all will prosper. Now, if you can’t figure out what you get in return for living right, YOU ALREADY KNOW!

Everybody plays fair and there is a renewed respect for the game.

Do you go out and do motivational speaking or raise money for the poor? People, American People do not want to hear this “harsh truth right now”, especially from a Poor Man.

Who would say, our system of education is not working? Who would say our jobs are gone never to return? How can any of this change when the people are hobbled?

Our leaders would rather fight than switch, playing "sophisticated politics" and Institutional games, like these are a real complicated economic and social problems, stretching out the inevitable.

The people would rather die in place than make the sacrifices for positive change. If you are not living within your means, what must you do? You are going to have to give up all your luxuries to which you have become addicted and think you have a right.

Nobody wants to be the first. In this case, it is better they read it, then they can say it, see it and be it – problem solved. Money, money, money

The Cost of Money, a blessing and curse, so which is it really? YOU KNOW!

I advocate for the poor, the oppressed, the less fortunate, I am going to get my blessing, no matter what. These kind of people will always find a way out of no way, we're not stuck economically or socially. Why leave stability for instability? I no longer play games with my life, too short.

Is our focus on community or PROFIT! Good people build good communities. "I am glad that you are different than most. :)"

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