The Game of Life

Who's fooling who?

Whose house is it? Boredom and loneliness will get you in a lot of trouble? If not careful, you are more prone to make irrational decisions, due to your vulnerability, the end result of which is,,,self-destruction. How do you think we ended up in slavery or why something so destructive as slavery ever occurred or was promoted?

In the game of life, how do we blind side each other, why? In such well intended relationships, how/why do we allow them to go off track, so soon?

If you're in the people business today, you think their crazy but you need what they have. The question is, How do you go about getting that without disturbing the peace and harmony?

ARe we really true to ourselves and our cause? Is a husband really what you need at this time? ARe children really what you need at this time. Timing is a very important factor in all we do to receive our Blessings.

Can you, are you going to tell this sophisticated nigger you are a Chef in the kitchen, a Queen in the living room and a wh... in the bedroom? Or are they already supposed to know?

So, how does all of this come to light? You must learn more about yourself and put what you learn into practice. Can you just sit at home all day...most of us just do our best to avoid the real world, avoiding the real problem?

We don’t want any game players or drama. But everybody has a game and everybody has some shit in their game, so what must you do? Do white folk come with shit in their game? Then why do you listen and follow them?

You must discern the “shit" from "truth" and be able to determine what is or is not for you.

(((your inner

Receiving your blessings

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!