Receiving Your Blessing

How do you receive a blessing? Is there any special way? What must I do?

Receiving A Blessing. Is it receiving or giving… or is it both? Now, why do I want to talk about that? You hear people going around all the time talking about…I’m Blessed. And Lawd knows the ones claiming to be “Highly Favored”,,, when the God they know only favored one person and how old was she at the time?

Anyway, me and a friend “was” talking about how do you receive a blessing, your blessings? How do you know? If you must ask these questions you already know. And once received how do you maintain it? Do you abuse it, neglect it and what determines these actions?

Is it, are blessings something you go around bragging about,,,Blessed and highly favored…? Are they something you can steal, study for, buy... Blessed and highly favored, what makes you any different than the rest of us? Just what are we supposed to be, not blessed and unfavorable?  Did it take a Bible to tell you that? Did it take the Bible for you to learn or any book? Can you even find it in a book? You do realize there was a time before book sense?

What about, "ain't nobody gon give you shit"? What is that telling you to do? Are we victims of our own selfishness, which keeps us from being blessed?

When did you figure you were blessed and highly favored and told you that putting it on the front of your car would help convince the rest of us? Is that the example? Because you carry a Bible, how does that make you any more than those who don’t? How does that authorize to tell anybody any damn thing? Then, to compare why don’t you read their books?

Was it on the front of a car to make you realize? What if you cannot understand the Bible? Is that a disgrace or is it a blessing? Holier than thou? People who appear to be wealthy are as miserable as hell.

How can you receive what you don't know you have, how do you use it, you don’t know how? When you don't know it's value, how much do you appreciate it? How do you express your appreciation? You can't stop blessings, you can only sleep yours. Why did the son of Rick Warren commit suicide? Is mental illness and depression a blessing, according to the church? Is there any sacrifice too great?

5 Principles for receiving…  Obedience, Integrity, Faith, Discernment (the ability to know the difference between good and evil) and last but not least, my favorite, you have to Give before you can conceive before you can receive or give.

Is it better to receive or give a blessing? What must you do to receive? Happiness is free, free we’re born, now free what do you do?  

Being a true blessing, how can you give what you do not have? Whether you realize it or not, there ain’t shit you can do about. Whether you think you are or, not. Is a blessing spiritual or physical… Does a blessing have anything to do with your health? Dead or alive you are still blessed.

Another good question is, “What ain’t a blessing”?

It’s my job to make you recognize. People get together for the wrong reasons, more about the physical than the Spiritual. Love, respect and appreciation are from within and once you recognize and practice, Blessings flow. 

Stay ready, be prepared, Keep a space open large enough to receive what you're giving. The spirit of giving and receiving.

Blessed and highly favored or do you thank God for every little thing? It is or it ain’t or it is what it is.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!