getting paid

First you must do something to get paid...

What are you creating, building. Everybody wants love, but what are we doing,,, here we go...

I think you don't know who blessed you really are! People are all the time running around trying to get paid. ONe of the most popular methods of getting paid is through a job. But My question to you is::: Why couldn't you provide that same job for yourself? What wrong with you? Is it too hard? Is too hard dealing with a certain group of people? What about your mentality?Something has to be wrong with a man who wants to work for someone who pays you crumbs while they get the whole cake.

I had a good man tell me he did not want to start his own business? Said he'd rather have a dependable job? How silly!!! Irresponsible!!! Does he know from where come jobs? Businesses CREATE jobs.

Where is your business sense? Why are our jobs failing? Why do we have so fewer Black Owned and Operated Businesses, compared to people who most recently immigrated to this country? They can't speak, read or write english, but they can successful own and operate an American business, Now, you tell me which is easier? Why are we so comfortable with JOB?

How to get paid: Every single second of hard/smart work you perform in your life will come back benefitting you and those around you many times over for the rest of your life.

Smart work can be painful but a good kind of pain, just like sports, entertaining, ... what else do we do or credit for doing? Anything worth having is worth... Only dead fish go with the flow...

Again, think immigrants they also never, never attended America schools, churches,,,,, But they can successfully run a business in America.

What does that tell you about which is easier, "getting a job" or own and operating your own business?

For what are you waiting.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!